[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst: 2013 Style Icon Awards

K-Style Fridays (2)

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Best Dressed [2013 Style Icon Awards]

My first choice for best dressed was Big Bang leader, G-Dragon. Now I know some may think this is bias feels talking, but I have to admit it is not. My favorite thing about G-Dragon is he has a good sense of when to dial up the crazy, and when to pack it away, and this look was the perfect example. He wore all black, and made his black and white blazer and pink hair the focus of his look. This was the perfect outfit to accept the Style Icon of the Year award in.

Another true fashion icon of the night was 4minute’s Ga Yoon who wowed me in metallic gold pant, and blazer. This girl is so pretty, and I love that she can rock pants, and look look just as feminine as she would in a dress. I thought the pants and blazer were a little bit big,  but it didn’t hurt the look too much.

Next is my favorite actor of all time, Jung Woo Sung! He was looking like absolute perfection in his suit. I loved that he opted out of wearing a tie, to make his suit more casual, and suited for the venue. I honestly have nothing negative to say about his look.

Next is actress Gong Hyo Jin. Normally Gong Hyo Jin’s red carpet fashion is a bit wacky, uncoordinated, and inappropriate to the venue, but she really nailed it here. Wearing black can, ALMOST, never go wrong, and she proves that.



Another star of the night was 2ne1’s CL, who wowed me in black and white. She showed lots of skin in a black and white patterened mini skirt, white pointed heels, and a white, one sleeve, cropped turtle neck. Perfection!

Worst Dressed [2013 Style Icon Awards]

Clara was one of three host that night, and she did a horrible job of representing style. There was so much fabric that it swallowed her, and it did nothing to flatter the great figure we all know she has. When she turned around it only got worse with the extra flaps of silver fabric. The color was not flattering for her skin tone, and the cherry on top was that her makeup was way too heavy. This just wasn’t a good look.

Next we have girl group, Crayon Pop. I understand they had one of the biggest songs of the year, and they are virtually unrecognizable without their helmets, and jogging pants, but that doesn’t make it appropriate, even with shiny gold fabric. One of my pet peeves with idols and red carpet events is that groups tend to where identical (or nearly identical) outfits, and I find it tacky. We know they’re a group so, it okay to dress differently. They showed how stunning they are without the helmets in a recent Marie Claire photoshoot, so I would love to see them wow us the same way.

My next pic for worst dress was none other than fashionista Seo In Young. I was just royally disappointed by her look. She is covered from head to toe, not only was there too much fabric, but it was too heavy, and a bit aging. Then, the color her dress paired with her platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and super light make up she looks washed out, and ghostly. I loved her boots and would have loved to see her make them the focus point of her outfit. For someone who is so involved in the fashion world this look was just disappointing, especially considering the venue.
Worst Dressed [2013 Style Icon Awards] (2)

My last group of ‘Worst Dressed’ picks include Ricky Kim, model Jang Yoon Ju, and Dal★Shabet’s Jiyul.

First I want to talk about Jang Yoon Ju. As a model who has been in the fashion industry for 16 years, she should have never let this outfit happened. It was completely unflattering to her body, making her proportions looks out of whack. I thought it was too short as well. I thought her hair was very aging, and she could have done more with it.

Next is Ricky Kim. He looked just plain sloppy, and completely underdressed. I can’t believe he showed up like this.

Finally, there was Jiyul of Dal★Shabet. First of all she is over dressed in this full length gown. That aside, the dress is too big, making her look short. Plus, it is so matronly on her. She is only 22 years old, but she looks at least 10 years older.

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Here are some other looks from the night:

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