K-Idol Worship: Kim Jong Kook is Boxing Buddies With Mickey Rourke, Sex Scandal for Jang Geun Suk & EXO’s Kris & More

K-Idol Worship

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October 28

  • Zinger, now know as Hana, joins Instagram. Follow her here
  • Ailee hold showcase in Japan, her Japanese agency, Good Day Agency made this statement:

We originally planned for the event to hold 1,000 people. But there were so many fans and experts who couldn’t get in, and Ailee had more interest than we imagined. After the concert, both fans and experts were amazed at her stage.

October 29

  • Kahi gives us a closer look at her “It’s Me” choreography with release of Dance Version video
  • SHINee’s Onew injuries next, but will continue promotions

“Onew injured his neck, making it difficult for him to participate in his group’s performances for the time being. In the upcoming stages, he will only take part in singing and a new performance will be shown for ‘Everybody’.”

  • NH Media releases statement revealing AJ is headed back to the US to continue studying at Columbia

“Hello. It’s NH Media.
We thank the fans who are always supporting U-KISS.
We are making an announcement about the important matter of AJ’s study overseas in the States.
AJ, who is currently enrolled in Columbia University, will be returning to the States starting January 2014 to continue his studies. 
We know that many of you will be surprised by the sudden announcement ahead of their comeback.
It does not mean that he will leave U-KISS, and just like how he had a short hiatus for his studies last year, [AJ] plans to return to promote with U-KISS after completing his studies.
Their scheduled activities within this year for their 8th mini album, which will begin soon, will go on as planned with no changes.
We apologize for sharing this news ahead of the promotions for their 8th mini album. There will be no changes to the activities for their mini 8th album that starts this week, so please give them your interest and support.

Thank you.”

  • Petitions to have EXO exempt form military service surface, creating controversy! One fan posted online:

“Everyone, this is not the problem here!!! Please help our EXO oppas become exempt from military service!! Instead of our oppas, can’t regular guys just add a few more years to their service instead. They can just think of it as being on a retreat a little longer. The EXO fanclub is currently collecting signatures for a petition. Please sign to help our EXO oppas become exempt from service.”

A rep for the Military Manpower Association released this statement:

“Although it is the insistence of some fan girls, their perspectives on the exemption from military service is a cause of concern… If the celebrities, who are supposed to be role models for the youth, directly express their thoughts on fulfilling military service themselves, then perhaps these immature thoughts of fan girls will die down a bit.”

  • Tae Yang shares some BTS video of a sleeping G-Dragon

View this post on Instagram

Poor G @xxxibgdrgn #hardwork #timetogotobed

A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

October 30

  • EXO’s official fan club, EXO Planet, releases a statement about the military petition:

Hello. This is Daum’s EXO Planet. Whether it’s because of an anti-fan or a fan, because of that one person, EXO is being cast in a bad light on multiple portal sites, so we’re writing this statement. We have absolutely no plans to sign a petition for the EXO members to get exempted from military service. We will not hold back our support or words of encouragement for EXO if they make the right choices. If they ever go in the wrong direction, we’ll be hurt, but we’ll discipline them out of love in order for them to become more mature… We would like everyone to know that we have no involvement in this matter.”

  • Mr.Mr teases the addition of new member Hon
  • Hanbyul of LEDApple  covers Bruno Mar’s “Grenade”
  • Kim Hyun Joong announces departure from SBS’ Barefoot Friends. His agency, Key East Entertainment, released this statement:
“Kim Hyun Joong plans to leave ‘Barefoot Friends’. Due to scheduling conflicts with filming for his drama, he inevitably had to leave. We have already told the production crew about his leave.”
  • Kim Jong Kook reveals friendship with none other than Mickey Rourke!
  • DBSK kicks off the holiday season with short PV for “Very Merry Xmas”
  • YG confirms a November comback for Big Bang’s T.O.P
  • U-Kiss makes their weirdest comeback yet with “She’s Mine”

October 31


  • Heo Young Saeng leaves for 2 year manditory military service. He left a message to fans on Twitter as well:
[tweet https://twitter.com/mystyle1103/status/395733581957308416]

Translation: “Hoo ah~~~ I am finally going.. It feels like just the other day that I sent off Kyu Jong keke By the way, this cold I have…ㅠㅠ I will return in good health!!! Please be healthy everyone~ I wish that all your work may be daebak!! keke There are no photos!! Because I’m still feeling awkward about it…. keke”

  • Teen Top celebrates Halloween with a Halloween version of “Love Fool.”
  • Tae Yang drops 1st MV teaser for comeback song “Ringa Linga”
  • NYNAME releases PV for song, “Shirayuki”
  • SHINee says thank you to fan with the help of the SM labelmates!

November 1

  • YG announces that Big Bang will be making a comeback before the end of 2013:

“Big Bang has been planning a comeback since before their 6 dome tour in Japan. A comeback date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But within this year, it’s expected that they’ll be releasing a new song”

  • SHU-I releases MV for “So In Luv”
  • EXO makes it to the Top 10 for the MTV EMAs Worldwide Act Award, vote for them here

November 2


  • LEDApple announces their comeback via me2day:

“November 4 (Monday) Noon 12PM ‘With the Wind’ album, music video will be revealed!!!”

  • SHINee takes us BTS of the making of their “Everybody” MV


  • Photos from Chinese actress Lin Xi Ya’s phone has EXO’s Kris and and actor Jang Geun Suk wrapped up in a major sex scandal. Pictures of the actress in bed with men who resemble Jang Geun Suk, and Kris have been floating around, as well as a text between the actress and a man named Kris. There hasn’t been any confirmation or denial of the scandals yet.

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