[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 2013 Seoul Fashion Week

K-Style Fridays (2)

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It was fashion week once again in Korea, and that means the stars were out and about donning their favorite designers as they scoped out the new season’s fashion.

Best Dressed [2013 Seoul Fashion Week]

Hallyuwood was dominating in the fashion department. The actress and actors were glowing, and wowing, and doing their thing. The best looks of the night went to Hwang Woo Seul Hye who was rocking a simple seafoam green dress with a high slit, and silver strappy heels. Everything about her look was perfection. The hair, the jewelry, the shoes. EVERY-THING! The dress was a little long, and could have been shorted about 2 inches, but she still looked amazing.

Plaid made a few appearances at Fashion Week, and some did it right (points to Kim Kang Woo and Victoria), while some nearly blinded me (looks to Troublemaker). Let’s start with the good. Printed suits were one of the big trends of the year, and while some thought it was an eye soar, I thought it was cool, as long as it was done right. Kim Kang Woo did it right. His suit was tailored to him perfectly, and the print was overly bright, and the blue suede shoes were a perfect touch. He looks like an actor, but is still appropriately dressed for the event.

Best Dressed [2013 Seoul Fashion Week] (2)

Victoria was another celeb to wear plaid on the red carpet, and do it well. What I liked with Victoria’s look was that it wasn’t plaid overkill. She made the plaid the accent of the look, and mainly stuck to black with everything else she was wearing. Her group, f(x), just finished promotions for Rum Pum Pum Pum where plaid was the star, so it was a nice nod to her group even thought they’ve finished prmotions. Also, I’m loving her black hair!

After School! These girls came dressed to kill, and they did it as a unit! Normally I HATE when a group shows up in the same print because I feel like we don’t need anymore hints your in a group together, but After School nailed this. First, they didn’t have all the members wearing the print, so it was easy on the eyes. Second, they all looks sooo grown up, and even thought they are super covered up, especially when compared to what they wore for 첫사랑 (First Love),” they look SEXY, and womanly!

Worst Dressed [2013 Seoul Fashion Week]

Troublemaker showed off their new looks for their upcoming comeback while attended the Steve J & Yoni P S/S 2014 fashion show, and they looked TERRIBLE! Never have I seen a bigger clusterf*ck of plaid since Tiger JK and wife Yoon Mirae made a similar attempt to match plaid with plaid back in August for a Gucci event. At first I thought Hyunseung was wearing a kilt until further examination revealed its just a jacket with an ombre effect. All I can say to these two is, your walking a red carpet arm in arm is clue enough that your together at the event, no need to color coordinate like this.

The next fashion fail was committed by Sistar’s Hyorin and So You. Everything they had on was just too short, and too revealing. its not quite clear with So You from this angle, but here’s a better view of what I’m talking about.

So You

Its seems to me like the girls thought if they wore  random jackets it would distract from all the skin, but boy were they wrong. Sistar is known (at least to me) for showing off too much skin, and wearing inappropriately short clothes, and its about time they stopped. They are far enough in their careers where its not needed, and besides we ALL know you have killer bodies.

Worst Dressed [2013 Seoul Fashion Week] (2)

Finally we have what I thought were the worst of the worst. First up is SPICA’s Bohyung. This girl just wowed me to pieces with her solo debut song 내가 미친년이야 (Crazy Girl),” but her look while attending the Push Button S/S 2014 fashion show was disappointing. She looks good from her neck to her ankles, but her shoe choice, face, and hair are a mystery. This girl is beautiful so I don’t know why in the world she has so much makeup caked on her face! They her hair is pulled back so tight, and too the side. It would have looked much better in a loose bun. Finally, her boots. They through me off. They look worn, and they don’t fit with everything she has going on above. A boot would have been fine, just not such a grungy looking pair.

Next up, Woori & Hyunyoung of Rainbow. While they were pretty much covered up everywhere else, their clothes were TOO DAMN SHORT! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girls of Rainbow in something even remotely close to the knees. The just looked sloppy.

Finally, Clara. Oh Clara. I think everybody in the world knows your sexy at this point. This outfit, if you can call it that, was unnecessary. The color washed her out, her makeup was too heavy, and finally…HER DRESS WAS TOO SHORT. Like I said for Sistar, everyone knows she has a great body, it doesn’t need to be exposed every second of everyday. The length paired wit the cleavage has Clara’s toes crossing the line to sluttyville.

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Here are some other celenrity looks from SFW.

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Who do you think were best and worst dressed at the 2013 Seoul Fashion Week? Comment below or send your pick via Twitter to @Asia_24/7 with #BestDressed or #WorstDressed

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