K-Idol Worship: Topp Dogg Continues Teasing, Zico & P.O Walk the Runway, SPICA’s Bohyung Makes Solo Debut & More

K-Idol Worship

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October 14

  • Heo Young Saeng teases for his finally comeback before enlistment.

  • Lee Hyori shows off her newlywed glow in Allure October 2013, see here
  • Topp Dogg reveals members Jenissi, and Seogoong, see here
  • Nine Muses channel the 50s in their latest MV for “Gun.”

  • Jiyul of Dal Shabet, and Yura of Girls’ Day pose for Vogue Girl October 2013, see here
  • The latest trailer for “An Actor is An Actor” gives us a preview of that bed scene we’ve heard so much about. Prepare to be turned on.

  • Jaejoong pre-releases “Sunny Day”

October 15

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Sangdo, see here
  • Check out the Chinese & Korean Version of 2pm’s Lotte Duty Free video.

  • Min hints at a Miss A comeback on Instagram
  • EXO’s Chanyeol is revealed to be joining Laws of the Jungle

“EXO’s Chanyeol is also set to be a new member and will join Kim Byung Man, Ryu Dam, and more. The rest of the members will be decided soon.”

  • CUBE releases teaser 2 for Shin Ji Hoon’s “Right There.”

  • Lori is confirmed as new member of Chocolat by Lori herself when a fan asked her if she was joining the group, and she responded “Yes.”
  • SPICA’s Bohyung starts her solo career with teaser for upcoming MV “내가 미친년이야 (Crazy Girl)”

  • Girls’ Day releases “Let’s Go” MV

  • Heo Young Saeng releases MV for “몸이 약한 아이 (Weak Child)”

October 16


  • Jaejoong releases teaser image for upcoming album, “WWW: Who, When Why”
  • Topp Dogg drops a thrilling MV teaser for debut song “말로해 (Say It)”

  • Former F.Cuz member LeeU joins M.pire under new name Lumin
  • Dongho leaves U-Kiss, read more here
  • F.Cuz releases PV for “Change”

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Hansol, see here


  • Big Bang’s T.O.P is spotted filming for Running Man

October 17

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Kidoh, see here

October 18

  • SPICA’s Bohyung releases a piano version of her new song “Crazy Girl”

  • Topp Dogg reveals member , see here
  • Zico and P.O of Block B walk the runway of Dominic’s Way fashion show at Seoul Fashion Week

  • Teen Top announces the release of repackaged album “Teen Top Class Addition” on October 23rd

01. Love Fool

02. Rocking

03. Don’t I

04. Oh! Good

05. Date

06. Rock Star

07. Teen Top Class

October 19

  • BPPOP releases the dance practice video for their song “Never Let Me Go”

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Gohn, see here
  • Sistar’s So You and Jay Park team up to cover Choi Jin Hee’s “Love Maze” for Immortal Song 2

October 20


  • Tae Yang officially begins countdown to his comeback with 1st teaser pic!
  • AOA’s Yuna sings “It’s OK” for The Future Choice OST

  • MYNAME releases dance practice MV for “Day by Day”

  • Jaejoong reveals his title track, and will drop teaser on the 22nd

The title song to Jaejoong’s first solo album ‘WWW: Who, When Why’ is going to be ‘Just Another Girl’, a song Jaejoong participated himself in writing the lyrics…We’re going to express the story of the song through drama scenes and stage scenes in his MV. We’re going to reveal his MV teaser on the 22nd

  • Topp Dogg drops the tracklist to their debut album “Dogg’s Out,” see here
  • T-ara releases the history Version of their “Number 9” MV


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