Review: 희망고문 (False Hope)

희망고문 (False Hope)

“Vintage” was useless to this album. It sounds like a mix of B.A.P’s “빗소리 (Rain Sound)” and “Coffee Shop” and that’s most likely because it features the group’s rapper, Zelo. The song sounds like it was written with the intent to feature Zelo, rather than to put on display Song Ji Eun’s talents, so it was more appropriate as project on it own.

Score: .25/1

“희망고문 (False Hope)” was the star of this album. Ji Eun wasn’t struggling to belt out high notes, but it instead delivered originality while staying comfortably in her range. In the video, she isn’t trying to keep up with flashy choreography, but instead stuck to what she does best. Sing. And it was refreshing to say the least. Remove the random insert of a line in English, and everything would have been perfection.

Score: 1/1

“Date Mate” was an okay song. It obviously wasn’t the star of the album, but it wasn’t meant to be. It did, however, serve the purpose of giving us more of Ji Eun’s amazing vocals.

Score: .5/1

For the first time since her debut, Ji Eun stood out as a unique artist in the Kpop industry. She is so talented, and being trapped in Secret’s never changing style of music isn’t helping her push herself as an artist. But at the same time Secret’s promotions are, let’s be honest, what is keep her in the public eye. It’s a real shame that her solo activities don’t do nearly as well as Secret’s promotions because she provides such a breath of fresh air from what everyone else in Kpop is doing.

Final Score: 2.9/5

Asia 24:7 Award [Nod]

Best Female Artist

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