[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 18th Busan International Film Festival

K-Style Fridays (2)

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All the biggest names in Korean film were out and dressed to the nines, or so they thought, to celebrate their 18th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Best Dressed [Busan International Film Festival]

For best dressed, there were only two women who I though were dressed beautifully, and appropriately. First up we have the light eyed goddess, Go Ara. She wore a simple halter neck blue gown. Now, compared to what I see celebs wear to the Cannes Film Festival, these dresses are a little too simple for something as prestigious as a film festival, but of all the atrocities that walked the red carpet that night, these were miles above the rest.

Best Dressed [Busan International Film Festival] (2)

The BIFF was hands down a night for the men, especially the idols, T.O.P, and Lee Joon who owned their suits. The men all basically looked the same in black or blue tuxes, but a well tailored, well fitting suit can’t be beat on a man.

Worst Dressed [Busan International Film Festival]

Now on to the juicy part of any night for fashion. The hot messes. First up we have Kang Hannah (or Kang Han Na). She was about to land herself on my best dressed list, and then…SHE-TURNED-AROUND! There is no doubt in my mind that this girl knew what she was doing. I know someone had to have seen her before she walked the red carpet to tell her, ‘hey your butt crack is showing.’ So I am neither shocked, nor moved by her.

Next is Nam Gyuri who may have been even worst dressed than tacky Kang Hannah. This black gown was matronly, and he white embellishment plastered on her chest made her look bigger than she is. Nam Gyuri is one of the tiniest women, and this dress did nothing but swallow her, and age her.

Finally, we have Han Soo Ah. Every year, at every awards show there is at least ONE woman who shows up in a dress like this. Her dress is like a mutant combination of a ball room dancing gown, and a stripper costume, and I hated every bejeweled inch of it.

For the most part, the BIFF was a night of crappy fashion. A majority of the women showed up in dressed that were either inappropriate or cheap looking. On top of all that, every single lady came under dressed for the event.

Ha Ji Won, who is one of Korea’s top actress, who should have access to ANY designer she wants, showed up in what looked like a recycled wedding dress. Jeon Hye Bin, a girl with one of Hallyuwood’s best bodies also came looking like she was about to walk down the aisle. Lee Chae Young, looked nice but her dress was yet another wedding-like dress.

Yoo In Na came dressed very nicely but her outfit seemed more appropriate for a simple movie premiere. Actress Han Hyo Jin was aged 20 years by her shirt/skirt dress, and it was hard to believe this person, and the one the red carper are the same person.

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Who do you think were best and worst dressed at the Busan International Film Festival? Comment below or send your pick via Twitter to @Asia_24/7


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