[BREAKING] Nicole Says Goodbye to Kara While Jiyoung Is Still Thinking It Over


YES, your read correctly. I woke up to this, and I’m still in shock. DSP Media just dropped a bomb that Nicole is out of Kara, and Jiyoung is still thinking, but it seems she’s ready to join Nicole:

“We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with DSP Media….Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have all renewed their contract for another 2 years, and have decided to conduct their future activities with DSP… The contract for Jiyoung, different from the other members, will end in April and she has decided to think more about her life’s path, her singing career, and education…Nicole has revealed that she has no intention to renew her contract with DSP and thus her contract will expire in January as originally scheduled…Even if some members leave without renewing their contracts, the team itself will not be disbanded and will continue to promote domestically as well as overseas…It’s true that she is thinking about resting. She looked into studying abroad. However, at this moment, as a time she is working hard as part of KARA, nothing has been confirmed yet… It’s not that she’s saying that she’s going to quit her life in the entertainment field. There’s still a lot of time left, so we’ll be having to discuss this more.”

For me, this isn’t  heartbreaking since Kara hasn’t been doing anything for me lately. However, this news is a sticky, sticky situation for the rest of Kara’s members. Kara is one of those groups that if just ONE member leaves the balance of the group is gone. Kara has been struggling to recreate the same success that they had, in Korea, with “미스터 (Mister),” and “루팡 (Lupin),” following their last contract problems. The difference this time is, rather than all but Gyuri ready to leave, the group is potentially facing being split in half. Right now, Japan is where Kara’s fame, and success is, and Hara is the one who’s carrying that as far as I know. My opinion is that Kara’s fame, in Korea at least, is as good as done. Unless DPS Media is going to start throwing Gyuri, and Hara into acting too, which we all know Hallyuwood doesn’t need another ‘idol actress,’ I don’t see how Kara is going to be bringing in profit for the agency, aka they won’t be a group for long.

Do you think that Gyuri, Hara, and Seungyeon knews that Nicole, and Jiyoung would leave the group when they signed their contracts earlier in the year? If they had know, do you think that would have thought twice about leaving?

3 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Nicole Says Goodbye to Kara While Jiyoung Is Still Thinking It Over

  1. Unless they’re thinking of working as a trio (which might give them a fresh appearance/sound), I doubt they knew before hand. Maybe they will just do everything in Japan now.

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