One thought on “Who Wore It Better? (Yoon Eun Hye vs. Orange Caramel) [Burberry Prorsum]

  1. Hey, Hey, Hey! Mr. Ben from Mr. Ben’s K-Pop Power Hour chiming in on this article of who wore it better. There are 3 feelings projected in each photo of the dresses and each model projects how this couture wear can be marketed, sold, and worn. As I look at the runway photos I feel like all the models are going to eat me, or something; #VeryHighFashion Then, in my opinion, the Queens of the Sub-Unit realm; Orange Caramel, bring out how fun and practical the fashions can be. OKAY, First off Lizzy looks like Mariah Carey circa “VISION OF LOVE”, I mean no disrespect but Lizzy doesn’t even look Korean. She is totally giving pan-Euro model like she could be from Serbia, I mean look I think Lizzy could totally be a model there. ANYHOOT! I look at Yoon and I see a more upscale “breath” released in her pictorials; like she is showing how women in business, politics, or social circles can drape the gowns.
    But I guess when it comes down to it of who wore it best I have to give it to Orange Caramel, just because of the fun & Mariah Carey vibe Lizzy is ‘sockin’ the kids wit’…lol

    ~ #MBKPPH

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