K-Idol Worship: Woo Hyun Joins Instagram, JYP Wants To Stop Clubbing, GD Tops Billboard & More

K-Idol Worship

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September 9

  • Woo Hyun of Infinite joins Instagram, follow him here
  • JYP releases MV for “놀만큼 놀아봤어(Had Enough Parties)” and he basically wants to get out da clubs before he’s old and wrinkled…that’s the gist of this MV isn’t it?

  • F.T Island announces comeback for September 23rd with their 6th Anniversary album, “Thanks To.” Teaser to start coming our way September 12th, see 1st teaser image here
  • Lim Kim is back with mini album, “Her Voice,” as well as this brand new MV for “Voice” featuring fight starting rapper, Swings.
  • Comeback rumors are floating around for IU, and SNSD. Both groups are suspected to make October comebacks, although IU was originally said to be coming back for September.
  • Rookie group, G.I, releases MV for “뻥치지마 (Bullshit)” featuring Dok2.

  • Pharrell requested a collabo with G-Dragon via Twitter, and sure enough, Big Bang’s leader answered! I hope this really happens!

[tweet https://twitter.com/Pharrell/status/377066190654283776]

[tweet https://twitter.com/IBGDRGN/status/377097368715268096]

  • Dal★Shabet’s Ah Young is cast in movie “58- The Year of The Dog.” She had this to say about her new role:

“I feel extremely honored and joyful to star in the film which features aspects of director Kim Tae Young’s life. I feel a sense of responsibility for my role as Geum Hong since it is based on a real-life character and I am working hard to study the history whenever I have free time. I ask for your love and support.”

No Breathing

  • Movie poster for “No Breathing” with Seo In Guk & Lee Jong Suk revealed.
  • Cho PD reveals his 13 member idol group, Topp Dogg is slated to debut next month!

“We’ve been preparing for Topp Dogg’s debut for the past 2 years…Although our agency is hip hop oriented, Topp Dogg is an idol group composed of members who each have their own colors. There are members who also have producing skills. You can think of the members as a group of experts who can each raise the average value of the team. I put together members who each have more than one weapon of talent…Although the competition among idols is intense, I will leave it up to the public to decide.”

  • Do you remember the group has been dropping mixtapes here, here, and there since March.
  • Dates start to come out for IU’s comeback. An insider saying:

IU will make her comeback with the release her new album on October 7.”

And reps from here agency confirmed that they are aiming for that day:

IU originally planned to make her comeback this September but was unable to due to her filming schedule for ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin… She is busy preparing for her album release on October 7 and upcoming promotional activities…With the album in the last half of its stage, IU plans to make a comeback next month on the 2nd, or at the latest, the 7th… She’ll greet fans with a song of a mature vibe rather than one with a cute and bright feel.”

  • Expect to see MBLAQ’s Lee Joon at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) for “An Actor is An Actor.”
  • Fans accuse Girls’ Day’s Yura of glaring at Miss A’s Suzy, but her agency had to come forward with a statement denying accusations:

Yura wasn’t glaring at Suzy… Because of the angle at which the video was shot in addition to other factors, it seemed like she was giving off a bad look… Although [Yura] and Suzy do not have a close relationship, they’ve met a couple times before… Yura doesn’t have any ill-feelings toward her, so she is sad that a misunderstanding like this has come about… Yura has said personally that she likes Suzy a lot… She also has various photos of Suzy saved on her phone.”

Judge for yourself, was Yura giving Suzy the stink eye?

September 10

  • Bangtan Boys fight stereotypes by saying “N.O” to learning ridiculously hard math problems!

  • MBLAQ’s Lee Joon gets dark for “An Actor is An Actor” trailer

  • JYJ drops 2nd teaser for “Only One” for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

  • Bangtan Boys release album, “O! RU L8, 2?.”

September 11

  • F-VE Dolls releases a typically cutesy MV for “사랑한다안한다.”

  • Sistar’s So You & Mad Clown release the short version of their MV for collaboration song, “Stupid In Love.”

September 12

  • B2ST for The Star September 2013, see here
  • JYP merges with JYP Entertainment to make OneJYP, and announces big plans to branch out, and debut new groups. At at a business conference the agency announced they had plans debut 3 to 4 new groups, and 2 male and one female group, and a group that will focus on Japanese promotions is in the works. JYP also announces they will be going into the travel industry, saying:

“Until we became One JYP with the merger of JYP Entertainment and JYP, we’ve been focusing on making good music and artist management…With the merger, starting from this year and on, we plan to branch out into performances, actor management, movies, musicals, drama production, as well as travel business.”

  • Roy Kim for Singles September 2013, see here
  • Apink’s Na Eun throws first pit at LG-Kia baseball game

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 9.40.13 PM

September 13

  • Seungri’s self-composed song “Thoughts I Draw in the Sky” chosen to be theme of Japanese drama “Yubi Koi.”
  • D-Unit’s Zin goes solo with new song “Don’t Want You To Enlist.”

  • BtoB reveals dance practice video for “Thriller”

  • CL hangs out with  group mate, Dara, and some of the biggest names in music and fashion from Jared Leto, M.I.A, and Nicki Minaj to Jeremy Scott himself, and more at Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2041 runway show at New York Fashion Week.
  • Girls’ Generation’s CF for Samantha Thavasa Jeans revealsed
  • BoA reveals audio teaser for Japanese single, “Message.”

September 14

  • The girls of Miss A are sporty for MLB Korea ads, see here
  • B.A.P makes their Japanese debut with release of PV for “Warrior”

  • Sistar, Sunmi & Kim Ye Rim for High Cut Vol. 109, see here
  • MYNAME releases mysterious teaser picture with the message, “MYNAME + MYgirl = ?,” see here
  • Ailee wins Immortal Song 2 with cover of Nam Jin’s “Empty Glass”

  • 2pm’s Junho appears at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) along with Han Hyo Joo & Jung Woo Sung

September 15

  • Minhyuk of BtoB joins instagram! Follow him here
  • Jongup & Zelo of B.A.P have a dance battle on Instagram with a black guy aka a background dancer from their US Tour!

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