News From Hallyuwood: Clara Accused of Lying, Cha Seung Won Joins YG? & More

News From Hallyuwood

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  • Actress, Clara, was in hot water all week for lying controversies. First, she supposedly tryed to pass a recipe off as her own on Happy Together. While sharing the recipe for sausages she said:

I thought it’d be fun if I put pasta in the sausages“, and “I think food tastes good when it looks good, too. The sausages’ get less oily as you boil it, so it tastes good

and fans took it to mean she was trying to say she came up with the idea herself. Following the controversy Clara’s agency, EYAGI Entertainment, released this statement:

The sausage pasta is a midnight snack that Clara used to make all the time with an unni she used to know. Since the program introduces midnight snacks people usually eat, Clara prepared the menu thinking that it’d be fun to show what she usually made.

KBS also had to make a statement in Clara’s defense:

The segment is for celebrities to introduce what they like making. There’s no rule that they have to bring their unique creations. Because some celebrities have brought out their own creations to the set, we think that image got solidified for that segment. However, the segment’s original goal is not a creation battle. We’ve confirmed that Clara had no intentions to steal the recipe. As you can see from broadcast, she never said that it was a recipe she created herself. The mood of the filming was great, too. We’re sad that this kind of misunderstanding happened.”

Finally Clara took to Twitter to apologized:

I’m sorry. I have nothing to say to make excuses for myself. I’m still very lacking. It’s my fault that came from my own greed. Please be understanding and forgive me. I’m sincerely thankful because you give me so much attention, even though I’m so lacking in many ways.

Then on Y-STAR’s ‘God of Food Road’ that she does not like chicken and beer, but she later said on SBS’s ‘Cultwo Show’ she said that she really enjoys chicken and beer. Her agency had this to say in her defense:

“Although she likes chicken, she doesn’t drink beer frequently… On ‘Cultwo Show’, she was just referring to chicken and beer in a broader sense, and that brought about misunderstanding. She couldn’t explain about each separate component [chicken, beer] in detail on broadcast.”

Clara then said on tvN’s ‘One in Fantasy’ that she never had a relationship with another celebrity, but later on MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ saying that her top-star boyfriend in the past became obsessed with her. Her agency made this statement:

Clara had hid her past relationship on ‘One in Fantasy’ because she wanted to be careful as she was the first guest… it seems like on ‘Radio Star’, she ended up getting caught up in the questions by the skilled MCs.”

Finally Clara had to come forward with an official comment on her Official Facebook to address being called a liar:

I understand if you say you were not entertained, but if you say I was not being truthful . . .Is it a lie to say I like chicken and beer because I’m with good friends in a nice atmosphere, even though I actually don’t like chicken and beer?  Is it a lie to be good at yoga when I was never taught it?  Is it a lie to say I never dated another celebrity because I didn’t want to mention my past celebrity boyfriend?…You can hate me.  I believe you can even make malicious comments.  However, please don’t think I’m wrong because I’m different.” 

  • The teaser for movie, “Marriage Blue,” featuring 2pm’s Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Jun Hee, and Joo Ji Hoon released

Han Jae Suk & Park Sol Mi

  • Actors Han Jae Suk, and Park Sol Mi, who got married on April 21st, are pregnant with their 1st child:

“After confirming with Park Sol Mi, she revealed that she is in her 10th week of pregnancy… She is currently enjoying her time practicing calligraphy and partaking in cultural activities, and is focusing on her pregnancy. She is maintaining her health and preparing to give birth.”

  • Rumors of Cha Seung Won signing with YG Entertainment fly, but his agency, T Entertainment, deny the rumors with this statement:

This talk of Cha Seung Won leaving for YG Entertainment has come from nowhere. We are currently getting calls of complaint from YGE themselves, so it is not true that he will be moving to another agency…Cha Seung Won is currently focusing on getting his son’s issues [regarding the sexual assault case] resolved. The timing is not right for him to move to another agency.”

  • Its revealed that Gu Hye Sun will sing self composed song, “It’s You,” at Ji Seong & Lee Bo Young’s wedding on September 27th, upon request of her friend, the bride. She made this statement:

“I realized that there was a reason for my writing this song. I am the type to get really nervous on stage, so much so that I can’t sleep well. Although I have a fear of performing live, I will prepare hard for it.”

  • Clara turns down offer to co-host MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change The World’ saying via Twitter:

From the current situation, I don’t believe it’s polite to burden another variety program.  Also, I would like to keep being a part of the ‘SNL’ family, so I decided to just keep trying my best in what I already do.

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