K-Idol Worship: Huh Gak to Get Married, Kara Sheds Tears, Jaejoong & Jaejin Join Instagram, and More

K-Idol Worship

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September 2

  • G-Dragon, Dae Sung, and Seung Ri are spotted filming for Running Man. Papa YG released this statement:

G-Dragon and Seungri went on ‘Running Man’ to match their current promotions. Daesung is close with the staff because of ‘Family Outing’ from the past, so he went, as well, and the three of them are starring together.

  • DSP updates fans on Kara’s contracts:

The members’ contract renewal is progressing very well. It looks like they’ll continue to promote under the name KARA.

  • G-Dragon releases part a of his 2nd album “Coup D’etat.” Buy here
  • Teen Top keeps it “장난아냐 (Rocking)” with the Dance Version of their latest MV.
  • Lee Seung Gi joins ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ spin of for his variety show comeback

Lee Seung Gi will join PD Na Young Suk in his upcoming tvN variety show ‘Backpacking Project Part 2’ [working title]. Lee Seung Gi previously planned to feature previously on PD Na Young Suk’s variety show but it didn’t work out due to his schedule, but he was able to feature for this show…Lee Seung Gi and PD Na Young Suk along with writer Lee Woo Jung have a long history together so their humor codes match and Lee Seung Gi trusts him. Lee Seung Gi always wanted to return to variety shows so this decision was made.”

  • NU’EST follows up with release of “Fine Girl” MV
  • BtoB is B2ST-ly in MV teaser for upcoming MV, “Thriller.”
  • MV teaser released for JYJ’s “Only One” for the 2014 Incheon Asia Games

September 3

  • Yerin of 15& covers Whitney Houston’s “Run to You.”
  • Block B announces their comeback showcase for October:

“Block B’s comeback showcase ‘Very Good‘ on October 3.”

  • Aron of NU’EST joins Instagram! Follow him here
  • G.I makes their comeback with 1st mini album, “Tremendous”
  • Ye Rim reveals tracklist for her upcoming album, “Her Voice.” See here
  • Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon reveal their wedding photos, see here
  • Ladies Code is bright and colorful in new MV “Pretty Pretty.”
  • Rainbow’s Seung Ah joins the musical cast of “Grease” as the female lead
  • Juniel turns 21!
  • Its revealed that Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori ‘s voices were on SPICA’s “Tonight”
  • Suzy for Geek September 2013, see here

September 4

  • Ailee teases Japanese debut with teaser video for “Heaven.” She makes her debut on November 6th
  • Soo Young of Girls’ Generation is plan beautiful for Elle September, 2013, see here
  • Wassup releases free download song “Hotter Than A Summer”
  • More pictures of Jay Park & Clara for 1st Look, Vol. 51 revealed, see here
  • Girls’ Generation reveals the dance version for their Japanese music video, “Galaxy Supernova.” The single drops on the 18th.
  • Lotte Duty Free releases star studded MV with Song Seung Hun, 2pm, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joong, Jang Geun Suk, Supernova, Choi Ji Woo, and Lin Chi Ling!
  • JYP reveals Taecyeon of 2pm will be features on the Japanese version Cho Yong Pil’s “Hello.”:

2PM’s Taecyeon had a rap featuring in Cho Yong Pil’s album ‘Hello’ which will be released in Japan on October 16.”

Taecyeon had this to say:

 “It is an honor for me to work with legendary Cho Yong Pil sunbaenim. I liked and listened to ‘Hello’ and ‘Bounce’ from his 19th album a lot, and I hope that many fans in Japan enjoy listening to Choi Yong Pil sunbaenim’s music with me. I featured in the song with a joyful heart. I worked hard to create an awesome song so I ask that you look forward to it.”

  • Navi lets you know, “집에 안갈래 (I Ain’t Going Home Tonight),” with a feature from Geeks.
  • Leo of VIXX is injured during the filming of this year’s ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship.’ Jellyfish Entertainment released this statement:

“Leo got hurt during the futsal preliminary match… Although his injury isn’t severe, it has been recommended that he doesn’t dance on stage for the time being…We tried to cancel his remaining broadcast activities, but for the fans who have been waiting VIXX’s stage, he decided to carry on his schedules… For this week’s broadcasts, he will perform sitting on a chair.”

  • ZiA & Lee Haeri of Davichi tease their upcoming collabo “사랑했었다면 (If You Loved Me),” and I can hardly wait! My ballad dreams have come true!
  • Bada leaves Immortal Song 2 to focus on musical, ‘Notre Dame de Paris,’ and upcoming album,set to release in October.
  • Kim Ye Rim releases teaser for “Voice ft. Swings”
  • Hara & Jiyoung ignites attitude controversy. When Radio Star host, Kyuhyun, teased Kara about dating she burst into tears. Then, when Jiyoung started crying because the host requested her to show off her aegyo, and insisted she was cute. [read more]
  • G-Dragon donates a fishery to Haiti
  • B.A.P teases their October 9th Japanese debut with MV teaser for “Warrior.”
  • Gu Hye Sun revealed to be singing at Lee Bo Young & Ji Seong’s September 27th wedding. She made this statement:

“I realized that there was a reason for my writing this song. I am the type to get really nervous on stage, so much so that I can’t sleep well. Although I have a fear of performing live, I will prepare hard for it.”

  • Piggy Dolls reveals a completely new line up with release of MV “Ordinary Girl”
  • Big Star reveals “Run & Run” Dance practice video

September 5

  • G-Dragon releases part 2 of his 2nd album “Coup D’etat.” Buy here
  • CN Blue sings about the glories K-Food in new MV for “K-Food Song,” composed and written by leader Yonghwa.
  • While the acting and story line where awkward, Lee Haeri & ZiA’s duet, “사랑했었다면 (If You Loved Me)” is EVERYTHING!!!
  • DSP Media, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung all release apologies for the crying on MBC’s Radio Star:

KARA made a comeback but it seemed like only her [Hara] dating rumors received attention so [Hara] was noticeably sad. She was embarrassed by the talk about her dating rumors… We shouldn’t show that kind of image during broadcast and it wasn’t a good way of behaving. Hara also told us that she sincerely apologized afterwards.” -DSP Media

“I was thinking about how to express my feelings all day long and I finally leave this post.. First off, through yesterday’s broadcast of ‘Radio Star’ which we featured as guests on, we deeply apologize to the viewers who felt uncomfortable…We will deeply reflect on the aspects of our behavior that weren’t professional. While filming and after the broadcast, we are really sorry and thankful to the ‘Radio Star’ MCs as well as J.Y. Park sunbaenim who helped and took care of us. We will become a Seungyeon, Hara, and Jiyoung who show a more brighter and hard-working image from now on.” -Seungyeon [Twitter]

“As I grew up, there are lessons that I learned that I sometimes forget and some lessons that are always useful. I learned that there is no correct answer in the process of overcoming one’s obstacles and choosing between two paths. Every time I receive pain from those who touch my emotional wounds, that is when I know that I lost my self-control. I don’t want to live by following the intentions of the people who try to hurt me.” -Jiyoung [Instagram]

  • Ladies Code release mini album, “Pretty Pretty.”
  • Block B reveals comeback date as September 11th with teaser video featuring P.O & Jaehyo
  • Huh Gak reveals he is to get married on October 3rd:

“I am sharing some surprising news to everyone today. I am finally getting married. October 3! I have exactly 28 days left. Since this is good news that happens once in a lifetime, I wanted to announce it personally. This day even comes to a person who is lacking a lot like me. It still feels surreal that I will be the man of one woman. As I prepare for my wedding, I learn and feel a lot. Huh Gak who will continue to mature through all this learning. Huh Gak who will always pursue music. I hope that you look forward to me. If you would give me your round of applause for the road ahead, I will take each step with more strength. I am always thankful for and love my fans, who have been a strong source of support for me.”

  • DBSK reveals PV for “Scream”
  • Dating rumors for Miss A Jia & EXO’s Tao fly after Tao used Jia’s cat’s picture as his profile pic Weibo, but JYP and SM deny it by saying he is a fan of cats and used the pic when she sent it to him:

Tao and Jia have always been close friends. The idol singers who come from China usually get along like best friends.”

  • SNSD releases PV for “Galaxy Supernova”


  • Dating rumors spread after So You of Sistar and rapper Mad Clown were spotted walking on the street together, but it was later revealed they were only leaving their recording for upcoming collabo.
  • M.I.B remixes their song with Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar.”
  • Jay Park release free download, “Trill,” featuring Dok2.

September 6

  • Sunmi trades in her pink bob for long brown locks, while Sistar turns up the sexy all for High Cut, Vol. 109, see here
  • Our lives will never be the same again because Jaejoong of JYJ is on INSTAGRAM!, Follow him here
  • Kang Min Kyung of Davichi appears in the September 2013 issue of Singles magazine, see here
  • Jaejin of F.T Island joins Instagram, follow him here

September 7

  • Get ready for So You and Mad Clown’s collabo with this Music Bank teaser video.

September 8

  • Jennie Kim to join G-Dragon on his comeback stage for SBS Inkigayo

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