Review: 2nd Mini Album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’

2nd Mini Album 'Let's Talk About Love' - EP
“할말 있어요 (Gotta Talk to U)” gets of to a funky start with the beginning sounding a lot like a combination of Big Bang’s “Tonight,” and G-Dragon’s “That XX,” which throws of the idea that this is Seung Ri’s solo album. However, as the we get more into the song it starts to sound more like a new sound, and lot more like Seung Ri’s style of music.
Score: 1/1
I am absolutely in love with “Love Box.” I thought it was the most original sounding song on the entire album, and it was just beautiful. It was refreshing to hear Seung Ri sing about love, and it come off as believable.
Score: 1/1
Seung Ri has always been Big Bang’s gray area for me. Never really pulling off the same image that his band mates, G-DragonTae Yang, and T.O.P, can pull off on stage and in videos, or that Dae Sung can pull off as strong variety show personality. Because of this, I’ll admit, I signed off Seung Ri’s 2nd mini album almost immediately, preparing myself for the wannabe grown up atrocity that was “VVIP.” However, Seung Ri has managed to prove, like many veteran idols have done this year, that time is the key to perfection.
For the first time since his debut I felt as thought the sexy, grown up image that Seung Ri was portraying wasn’t just an act but it was him. I heard maturity in his voice, I saw it in his video, and I witnessed it in his songwriting. No longer just the maknae of Big Bang, with “Let’s Talk About Love,” Seung Ri has made his mark as the 5th member of Big Bang as well as a solo artist.
Let’s Talk About Love ft. G-용 (G-Dragon) & 태양 (Tae Yang): .75/1
지지베 (GG Be) ft. Jenny: .75/1
그딴 거 없어 (Come to My): 1/1
You Hoooo!!!: .75/1

Final Score: 4.3/5

Asia 24:7 Award [Nod]

Album of the Year

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