News From Hallyuwood: Han Chae Young Becomes a Mommy, Marco Gets Divorces, Soo Ae Leaves Agency, and More

News From Hallyuwood

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  • Soo Ae leaves her agency of 12 years, Star J Entertainment:

“Soo Ae’s business affairs with her management of 12 years will come to an end. With her greeting at the screening of her film ‘The Flu‘ last weekend, she officially discontinued her business relations with Star J Entertainment…We think of it as an honor to have worked with Soo Ae who won various awards and conducted charity work thanks to her stable acting ability and diligent personality. We sincerely wish her the best on her future career as an actress who wants to be more independent in her activities.”

  • Kwon Sang WooLee Jung Jae, and Jung Eun Chae, see pics here
  • Lee Min Jung continues making all other brides irrelevant for Elle September 2013, see pics here
  • Han Chae Young gives birth to a baby boy on August 28th. BH Entertainment released this statement to let fans know how she is doing:

“The mother [Han Chae Young] and child are both healthy. Her family is overjoyed right now.”

  • Jun Ji Hyun is a classy lady for cover photoshoot for Vogue September 2013, see pics here
  • Kim Hyang Gi for Oh Boy! September 2013, see pics here
  • Actor, Marco, and his wife, pro golfer, An Si Hyun, announce divorce after one daughter, and 2 years of marriage. Back in June, An Si Hyun filled charges against Marco for domestic violence when he trhew a vaccum, and a cellphone on the floor, but at the time Ahn Si Hyun said:

It was merely just a verbal argument. I became very emotional and called the police, but it is not as bad as people think…I have not discussed any settlements or charges with the police. I have no thoughts of pressing any charges to my husband. I want to clear up any misunderstanding about this whole situation.”

Since then the couple has been trying to work on their marriage until it was revealed they could not, and would be pursuing a divorce. Marco’s rep released this statement:

It has been about a month since Marco has left for Argentina. He has told our agency he needed some time to rest and reflect, and that he is unsure of when he will return. However, he did not mention anything about the divorce.

  • Jo In Sung makes my heart flutter in Missha CF.
  • Eugene for Brera Fall/Winter 2013, see pics here
  • Clara & Lee Min Ho for Esquire September 2013, see pics here
  • Lee Seung Gi for Esquire August 2013, see pics here

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