K-Idol Worship: GD Gets Vague, Youngjae Joins Instagram, Teen Top is “Rocking,” and More!

K-Idol Worship

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August 19

  • Seung Ri opens his official Youtube account, subscribe here
  • Seung Ri’s Official Facebook account launched, Like here
  • Henry releases “1-4-3 (I Love You)” teaser featuring Amber of f(x). I didn’t like this song so my excitement is low.

  • B1A4 appears on the cover of The Star magazine, see pics here
  • Lee Hyori goes natural for Cosmopolitan magazine’s upcoming September issue, see pics here
  • Double A is ‘Okay About It’ in there newest MV.

  • Lee Hyori and labelmates SPICA appear in Vol. 51 of 1st Look magazine, see pics here


  • SPICA releases teaser pics for comeback, see pics here

August 20

  • Sunmi makes her solo debut with super sexy MV “24 Hours”
  • EXO released 2nd versions to their “Growl” MVs.

Park Seung Il

  • Park Seung Il of Ulala Session takes break from the group’s activities due to severe neck disc injury. Ulala Company released this statement:

“Since the release of the ballad album “Memory”, Seung Il had been showing syntoms of a neck disc injury but continued with his activities while receiving treatment. However the problem has suddenly gotten worse. According to the doctor’s suggestion, he needs a break and so will be difficult for him to participate in Ulala Session’s future activities. We don’t know how long this break will last. Based on the results of the treatments, we will be able to schedule the date of his return. Until then, we will focus all our attention to help him recover as soon as possible”

  • Honey-G releases MV for “그대 (My Love (My Love)” with Lee Hyori and Busker Busker’s Brad Moore.
  • 24K releases the dance version of their music video, “귀여워죽겠어 (U R So Cute)”
  • Ailee revealed to be meeting with American producers on August 22nd to work on an American debut. A rep had this to:

“The producing team, who had interest in K-pop, was looking for a Korean artist to work with, and by chance, came upon a video of Ailee, who is receiving love from her fans who call her ‘Korea’s Beyonce’. Determining that in addition to outstanding talent, she possess charms that can translate in both the East and West, a meeting was requested.”

While, here agency, YMC Entertainment, had this to say:

“It is true that Ailee has concluded her domestic activities. We canceled all of her music show stages and schedules for this week at last minute due to her meeting with a producing team overseas… If this project goes well and everything proceeds as planned, Ailee’s advancement into the States will gain speed. We are cautious to say anything with certainty as it is still in the beginning stages.”

August 21

  • Someone takes time to make Shinhwa’s “This Love” MV into an Anime. A must watch.
  • Teen Top releases teaser pics for upcoming album, “Top Class.” See all pics here
  • Henry continues with his solo promotions with follow up MV, “1-4-3 (I Love You)” featuring labelmate Amber of f(x). No matter how much I listen to this song I don’t think I will EVER like it.
  • Ulala Session collaborated with LG for new MV, “LG시네뷰 Collaboration.”
  • Jung Ah, Jooyeon & E-Young of After School appear in the August 2013 issue of Men’s Health magazine, see pics here
  • Kara continues counting down to their comeback with a pre-release of song “둘 중에 하나 (Runaway).” This doesn’t really have me excited for their comeback, but I still have hope their real comeback will be loads better.
  • Teen Top gets into a fight on the beach for their 1st “장난아냐 (Rocking)” MV teaser.
  • Miss A’s Suzy is young and glamourous for Cosmopolitan September, 2013, see pics here
  • Kara releases teaser pics for pre-released song. “Runaway.” See pics here

August 22

  • Big Bang’s maknae, Seungri is looking all grown up for Esquire September, 2013, see pics here
  • Suzy of Miss A appears in Harper’s Bazaar’s September, 2013 issue, see pics here
  • Kara is looking regal in their 2nd set of teaser pics, this time for their 4th album, “Full Bloom.” See pics here
  • 2ne1 releases making of video for “Falling In Love.”
  • Kim Ye Rim reveals MV teaser for “Rain.”

August 23

  • B.A.P’s Youngjae joins his bandmates and enters the Insta-verse. Follow him here
  • SPICA has released a MV teaser for upcoming song “Tonight.” I have no sense of the song since all I heard was someone struggling to keep a high note.
  • CN Blue releases MV “Feel Good” in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy. Any CN Blue, random or not, is a beautiful thing.


  • Hara of Kara & Seulong of 2am have me shipping like nobody’s business with their September, 2013 photoshoot with Dazed & Confused magazine, see pics here
  • Dal Shabet appears in the August, 2013 issue of Arena Homme magazine, see pics here
  • HyunA has fans wondering if a comeback is in the near future when the rapper posts pictures with EXID’s LE and herself int he studio on Instagram.

August 24

  • ZE:A’s Hyunsik and actor Lee Hyun Woo for the September 2013 issue of W magazine, see pics here
  • Seung Ri releases ‘Hard Remix’ of “Gotta Talk to U”
  • Teen Top releases medley of their upcoming album, “Top Class.” At this point Rocking is the only song that’s floating my boat.

August 25

  • Sunmi makes her MBC comeback with “24 hours.” How do you think she did on her first solo stage.
  • Kara is less androgynous, but 100% hot in their new MV teaser “숙녀가 못 돼 (Damaged Lady).”
  • Hundreds of hats, mini golden cars, fancy footwork, Teen Top’s new MV is WON-DER-FUL!!!!!


G-Dragon reveals a vague teaser picture for “Cout d’etat”

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