Break Up Rumors For Se7en & Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul & Se7en (4)

Break up rmuors have been floating around since Se7en was caught up in his brothel scandal few months ago, but insiders are coming forward and saying that the 10 year relationship between Se7en & Park Han Byul is officially over.

I’m not sure of the exact timing, but as old lovers, their relationship deteriorated and they decided to become friends….But since they dated for 10 years, it won’t be easy for them to stop their feelings immediately. They kept meeting up to the point when he enlisted, but it wasn’t as lovers. Park Han Byul suffered when all these reports about Se7en came out, too.

Her agency, JF Entertainment, didn’t help the rumors when all they said in their statement was:

Her break-up with Se7en shouldn’t be something the label talks about. When she gets a chance, she’ll address it herself.

They later made another statement where they flat out denied rumors:

One media outlet reported that they’d already broken up before he enlisted, but that’s not the truth. They’re still contacting each other and doing well. Since they’ve dated for over 10 years, these kind of stories are coming out.

Along with the breakup rumors, there is talk that Park Han Byul is dating LA Doger, Ryu Hyun Jin (whom you may know from Running Man Episode 119), but her agency was able to completely deny that rumor:

There’s definitely no truth to it. We think those rumors are coming up because she’s in the United States for a photoshoot, but we shouldn’t even have to deny it. It’s definitely not the truth

Seeing that Se7en is no longer with YG, I don’t we’ll be hearing any kind of statements from him.

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