Hip Hop 411: Rap Battles Hit the R.O.K

Hip Hop 411

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The Korea Hip Hop scene is starting to heat up thanks to a feud heating up between former Supreme Team members, E-Sens, and Simon D, Amoeba Culture, Swings, and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. Back in July Amoeba Culture announced that E-Sens had left the agency, and Supreme Team would therefore be disbanding. Everything seemed to be fine, and it seemed like E-Sens left the agency on good terms but yesterday the rapper posted the following song on his Soundcloud account and he had a few less than nice words about his former agency and former labelmate Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko.

“Scamming people while they act like they’re putting their all into supporting their hoobaes of Korean hip hop pretending like they’re not celebrities”

“it’s like the company cut off my ankle and gave it to me’

“I’m curious as to whether the blood of the fox, who closed his eyes and lips to the thug-like things they’ve done to me, will boil”

“After you listen to this, answer me Gaeko

“Don’t try to slip out of this like the way you acted towards me inside the company the past 5 years”

“Get real, the most devious and sly person is you”

“Cosplaying as a nice person, f*ck that”

“Amoeba Culture kiss my ass”

After the song was released Amoeba Culture released this statement as a response:

“We were just finishing up Dynamic Duo’s new music video. We heard about the song through news articles, but we haven’t actually listened to the song yet. It’s something we’ll have to discuss after we get the staff together… We’ll decide on the next step after we listen to the song.”

Rapper Swings added a twist to the feud when he released his song “King Swings” on the 21st, in which he attacked E-Sens’ former bandmate, Simon D.

When [E]-Sens was kicked out, you just held hands with Dynamic Duo. When he was asleep, you sent the proof. And then you come out on TV, smile like an idiot like you’re actually nice. Is it his fault that he didn’t want to agree to the 1,000,000,000 KRW (approximately $895,000 USD) slave contract? Simon-D you f***er I knew you were bad from the moment you stole JTONG. Simon D, go with Primary to the gay bar.

After Swings released this song, of course Jaebeom took to Twitter to add his two cents

I’m not too sure what Swings has to do with what goes on in Amoeba Culture, and whatever beef it is that E-Sens has with them, but I know for sure that Jaebeom should steer clear. Here I thought that E-Sens just couldn’t recover from his Marijuana scandal and so he left to go solo, but it seems there is a whole lot more to his leaving Amoeba, and a whole lot more to his friendship with Simon D.

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5 thoughts on “Hip Hop 411: Rap Battles Hit the R.O.K

  1. Swings started that before E-sens. He dissed a bunch of peeps with Kings. He got dissed back. He made a another track.

    E-sens came out with his own thing going at Gaeko and Amoeba. Gaeko came back with his own thing.

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