[K-Style Fridays] Trend Report: Hats & Time Travel Are The New In Thing

Trend Report


2013 is slowly turning into the year of the hat, with beanies & black wide brimmed hats becoming the key to perfect fashion forward look. Some of the biggest names in Korean entertainment are rocking these must have head warmers. But, hat aren’t all that’s hip, paying homage to 60s fashion is a must in everything from music video to magazine photoshoots.


Beanies are nothing new to Korean fashion, but as a trend they really started to pick up this year. Hyun Ah brought sexy to the beanie when she sported them in all different colors for her 2012 song “Ice Cream” and that when the trend really took off.  In January, SNSD took part in the fad when they started promotions for “I Got A Boy,” and since then I’ve seen just about ever Korean celeb, especially idols, with a knit beanie. Everyone from the super sexy Clara, to N4, and to the Queen Bee of Kpop herself, Lee Hyori is rocking this look now.

Black Wide Brimmed Hats

I originally saw the black wide brimmed hat when T.O.P turned heads in one for Big Bang’s 2012 song, “Monster,” Then out of nowhere everyone in the Hallyuwave & Hallyuwood had one! Some big names to rock the brimmed the hat are Tae Yang of Big Bang, CL of 2ne1, Uhm Jung Hwa, model Jang Yoon Ju, and, again, Lee Hyori who turned back time in one for her MV “Miss Korea.”


This finally trend is not quite a full blow craze, but its something quite a few big names of Kpop have been doing. Sori started the trend in the beginning of the year when she channeled the 70s for her music video “Dual Life,” which she released after 2 years hiatus. Later in the year Lee Hyori blew everyone away with here comeback album, following a 3 year hiatus, that was every inch retro inspired, especially the MV for song “Miss Korea.” Since then I’ve seen the 60s/70s theme everyone from MVs to magazine photospreads.

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