K-Idol Worship: HyunA is Your Latest Kpop Addition to Instagram, f(x) Makes an Amazing Comeback, and Much More

K-Idol Worship

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July 29

  • f(x)’s Amber reveals she was teased for looking like a boy, read more here
  • B1A4 appears in the August, 2013 issue of GQ magazine, see pics here
  • Brown Eyed Girls release MV for “Kill Bill”

  • Super Junior’s Henry shows off his chiseled bod in Ceci magazine’s August, 2013 issue, see pics here
  • SNSD’s Tiffany is a true flower girl for Ceci magazine’s August, 2013 issue, see pics here
  • M.I.B reveals teaser vid for digital single, “Men In Black,” which is set to drop August 1st.

  • Girls’ Day model for the August, 2013 issue of Ceci magazine, see pics here
  • KCON reveals G-Dragon as the 5th artists in their line up

  • Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls appears in the August, 2013 issue of Vogue magazine, see pics here
  • Youngjae & Daehyun’s teaser pic for “Badman” revealed, see here

July 30

  • f(x) makes their official comeback with the release of their 2nd album “Pink Tape,” listen here
  • F-VE Dolls aka 5dolls returns with new song, “짝1호 (Soulmate #1).” If someone could point out how this is any different that T-ara’s “Roly Poly” it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Kim Hyun Joong gets sensative in the desert for his new MV “Your Story” featuring Dok2.
  • T-ara releases new song, “Bikini” featuring Skull & Davichi
  • Junyoung of ZE:A’s teaser pic for is revealed, see here

Bang Yong Guk

  • B.A.P leader, Bang Yongguk sports a confusing prison look for his “Badman” teaser pic
  • Himchan’s teaser image for “Badman” is also released, see here
  • Koyote releases the Jung Jun Ha Version of their new MV “Hollywood.”
  • Singer Wheesung, is sentenced to 3 days in military prison for possessing an illegal cell phone

Wheesung used his cell phone while he was at the hospital for a herniated disc and hair loss, and he has been sentenced to 3 days in military prison for that. With this, his discharge date of August 6 has been pushed back to August 9…The fact that Wheesung used his cell phone not at the training facility but at the hospital, the fact that he used his cell phone to talk to witnesses who would prove his innocence on the propofol case, the fact that he didn’t harm the security of his reserve, as well as the fact that he had been working hard and had been respected as an assistant instructor were all taken into consideration [to make his sentence lighter].

July 31

  • Dongjun’s teaser pic for “Ghost of the Wind” is revealed, see here
  • Is Afrodino making a comeback?! The Indie group posted this pic along with the message “오?” on their official FB page. Stay tuned for the pics meaning!
  • BoA releases single, “Action,” for the Gwangju Design Biennale 2013.
  • VIXX is pulling double duty making their millionth comeback of the year with “대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U)”! And for the very first time I likey their song

  • Kim Greem is keeping it sexy with her new MV “Just the Two of Us.”

  • Tablo & Lee Hi collaborate for “Fly” in their latest Vitamin Water CF.

  • Kevin’s teaser image for “Ghost of the Wind” is released, see here
  • See things get weird with GD in Vogue’s video from his ‘Street to Street’ photoshoot.

  • EXO returns with “Growl” MV, and I must say it is amazing! I love this song, and think its a major improvement from “Wolf.”

  • Zelo & Jongup’s teaser pics revealed, see here, and here
  • ZE:A pre-releases “Step by Step” from their upcoming album, “Illusion.”
  • M.I.B prove they are the real “Men In Black” in new MV
  • Looks like Ulala Session is going back to their jolly selves based on this new teaser for their upcoming song “Fonky.”

August 1


  • B.A.P reveal a group teaser image for “Badman”
  • Mysterious men mouth words, and play guitar to us in Ladies Code’s latest teaser vid for “Hate You.”
  • San E continues to drop new music on us by teasing the upcoming release of song, “아는사람 얘기 (Story of Someone I Know).”
  • Xiah Junsu gets the party started in the dance practice vid for his song, “Incredible.”
  • f(x) performs one of my favorite songs off their new album, “Airplane,” on the August 1st episode of MNet M Countdown.

August 2

  • Big Star teases their title song, “일단달려 (Run & Run)” from upcoming album, “Hang Out.”

Their agency Brave Entertainment released this statement about the group’s comeback:

“The album ‘Hang Out’, directed and produced by Brave Entertainment’s founder Brave Brothers, is an album made for Big Star to enjoy the rest of summer with the public… You should anticipate more mature visuals and music from the members.”

  • Lots of Black people make an appearance in B.A.P’s “Badman” teaser vid.

  • San E drops the full MV for new song, “아는사람 얘기 (Story of Someone I Know).”

  • Brown Eyed Girls reveal the Dance Version of their latest MV “Kill Bill.”

  • ZE:A reveals their first teaser video for upcoming song, “바람의 유령(The Ghost of Wind).”

  • 4minute’s Hyun Ah is your newest Kpop Addition to Instagram! Bring on the sexy selcas! Follow her here

August 3

  • Ailee announces she will be making a Japanese debut with “Heaven” in September

August 4

  • Tasty drops 2nd MV teaser for song “MAMAMA”
  • 2ne1 busts out their best dance moves in a bathroom for “Do You Love Me” MV teaser. This song sounds great so far!


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