Review: Be Ambitious

Be Ambitious


Girl group, Dal★Shabet, makes their first comeback of 2013 with mini album, “Be Ambitious.”

Dal★Shabet received a bit of flake for the topic of their latest title song, “내 다리를 봐 (Be Ambitious),” but I personally found nothing so inappropriate about the subject matter. My main problem was with the styling. Really, there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of a relationship, sex is a natural part of that. I didn’t see the rape references, or any of the other junk being spewed about the song, but I must say Dal★Shabet didn’t help with the over sexed, and all too revealing outfits they sported in the video. I think the subject of the song and video could have been taken better if the girls were more covered up. I understand wanting to be sexy but showing off their camel toe isn’t going to help their cause.

As for the song, I thought it was good, and one of their better sounding songs, and I find myself listening to it quite often.

Score: 1/1

This album was not a good one. With the exception of “내 다리를 봐 (Be Ambitious)” I won’t be listening to any of these song again. As a whole, this was a very forgettable album. Dal★Shabet, I think, has the potential to really wow fans, but they seem lost. I am not sure what their angle is as a group because no matter what concept they go for they always come back to being nauseatingly cute, and that is starting to wear thin on me.

Dalshabet Girls: .75/1

Summer Break: .25/1

Hey Mr. Chu~♥: 0/1

Let It Go: 0/1

어쩜 (Narr. 안재현): 0/1

Final Score: 1.6/5

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