Supreme Team Disbands, and E-Sens Leaves Amoeba Culture


I know I am late, but I only just found out one of my all time favorite hip hop duos has split up! I shed a tear over this one. Amoeba Culture first released the following statement:

“We have told E-Sens that his contract ended on the 19th. E-Sens is no longer an artist on our label. We have parted ways because our ways of thinking about music are different. Simon D will continue to work under Amoeba Culture.”

Simon D later took to Twitter to make a comment on the group’s split:

“It was Sens’ only road to be happy, and I respect that decision. It’s just that we’re not the same team anymore, but our relationship of over 10 years has definitely not changed. Since we’re now solo artists, we’ll now be able to show what we do best in I.K. I’m thankful and apologize to those who loved the team and was patiently waiting for our album.”

E-Sens then took to Twitter as well to reveal he will be releasing music in the future, and to thank fans:

“Thank you to everyone and the fans who supported Supreme Team. We will go on our separate paths now. I don’t know when we’ll stand on stage together again but we won’t perform Supreme Team’s songs individually. We hope that mine and my hyung [Simon D]’s future is filled with good fortune.” Since my 3rd year of middle school, I had the name E-SENS which I always wanted to change calling it a bad name but I will have to continue to use it hehe. You will hear my new music soon but it won’t be right away.”

I don’t know if I should say I’m surprised because E-Sens has been M.I.A while Simon D has been promoting all over the place. I’m really sad about this though, and I can’t really picture them not being a group. I guess Dynamic Duo’s “만루홈런 (Lee Dae Ho) “ will be the last time we hear the duo together…

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