K-Idol Worship: A Wonder Girl & LeeSsang’s Gary Join Instagram, f(x) Tricks Us With Teasers, and Much More

K-Idol Worship

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July 22

  • f(x) reveals teaser images for “Pink Tape,” see here
  • f(x)’s releases teaser vid for “Rum Pum Pum Pum” which sounds good, but isn’t very original in terms of style

  • Bbaek Ga & Kim Jong Min face off in ally as super heros for Koyote’s “Hollywood” teaser video. I can’t wait!

  • Tahiti releases their 3rd teaser vid for “Love Sick.”


  • ZE:A drops group teaser pic for comeback album “Illusion.” Reveal title song to be “The Ghost of Wind”

July 23

  • B2ST’s Junhyung’s cover for Geek magazine revealed
  • G-Dragon appears in the August issue of Vogue magazine, see here
  • One Direction uses B.A.P’s pic in their new MV “Best Song Ever.” I wonder how B.A.P fans feel about this…cameo?

  • Nana, Lizzy & Raina of After School appear in the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, see here
  • Kwanghee’s teaser pic for ZE:A’s “Illusion” revealed, see here
  • Outsider is back, and as fast as ever with MBLAQ’s G.O and new song “Bye U.”

  • Yubin of Wonder Girls joins Instagram while hanging out, and looking beautiful in L.A, follow the rapper here

July 24

  • Koyote sing to us through the TV in their 2nd “Hollywood” MV teaser.
  • AOA Black has some F.T Island imitators for their 2nd “Moya” MV teaser.
  • f(x) returns with MV “Rum Pum Pum Pum,” I really do love the song, but I can’t get past the fact that this whole video is visually typical of f(x).
  • Minwoo teaser pic for “Illusion” revealed, see here

July 25

  • Happy Days For JYJ, SM Has to Lift Their Broadcast Ban, read more here
  • Siwan’s  teaser pic for ZE:A’s “Illusion” revealed, see here
  • VIXX drops teaser video for “대.다.나.다.너” in rewind, see my reversed version here


  • Owner of Korean fashion line, PRIVT, hints at their new artists. Seems like Junho of 2pm, Jaejoong of JYJ, and G-Dragon of Big Bang will be joining JYJ’s Xiah.

July 26

  • EXO teases follow up promotions with MV teaser for “으르렁 (Growl),” and this song sounds like it will be more my cup of tea.
  • Minwoo’s teaser pic for ZE:A’s “Illusion” revealed, see here
  • Brown Eyed Girls are a comin’ back people! The girls dropped a new MV teaser for song, “Kill Bill!”
  • AOA Black is back with new song, “Moya.”

July 27

  • My 1st and 2nd guesses were right! PRIVT reveals JJ (Jaejoong) of JYJ and Big Bang leader, G-Dragon as their new artist, see pics here
  • Dominican Singer, Yameiry Infante Honoret aka La Materialista blatantly plagiarizes 2ne1’s “I Am The Best.” No word yet on whether YG will be suing.
  • Hyunsik’s teaser pic for ZE:A’s “Illusion” revealed, see here
  • MBC hosts its Music Core Ulsan Summer Festival, see performances here
  • LeeSsang’s Gary joins Instagram, follow him here

July 28

  • Twin duo, Tasty, reveals MV teaser for their 1st comeback of 2013
  • Kim Greem has a photoshoot in her “우리만 있어 (Just The Two Of Us)” MV teaser.
  •  Taeheon’s teaser pic for ZE:A’s “Illusion” revealed, see here

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