Happy Days For JYJ, SM Has to Lift Their Broadcast Ban


It’s always been crazy to me that an entertainment agency could have the power to ban an artist from appearing on TV, but it happened with SM, and JYJ. But, its FINALLY coming to an end! On July 24th the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) of South Korea has FINALLY came to the conclusion that SM Entertainment and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) used behind the scene pressure and power on 26 companies, including KBS, SBS and MBC, cable channels and online music portals to keep JYJ off off of TV, and to restrict the circulation of their music.

Now, the FTC has issued a correction order that both SM Entertainment and KFPCAI have notify all 26 companies of the FTC’s ruling to allow JYJ’s appearance on broadcast.

C-JeS Entertainment released this statement:

“[w]e are grateful for the decision by Fair Trade Commission. Since 2009, we have been in an uphill battle with seemingly no end in sight. Yet, the announcement made by FTC today gave us a great deal of comfort that things may finally improve bit by bit. We hope the corrective order will enable us to perform entertainment activities in a fair and equitable environment and so can young entertainers who will join the industry in the future.”

Its being said that a petition signed by 180,000 fans from 118 countries demanding that the broadcast ban on the band be lifted was received by the FTC. The FTC is also taking steps to prevent this from happening with any other company.

Source: Hellokpop


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