K-Idol Worship: Jo Kwon Suspected of Gay Bar Hopping, B2ST Makes Dark Comeback, Kim Hyun Joong Pre-Releases “Unbreakable” & More

K-Idol Worship

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July 15

Xiah Junsu throws an awkwardly sexual, incredible colorful pool party for his MV “Incredible.”

B2ST does sexy in the middle of swamp land for first set of “Hard to Love, How to Love” teaser pics, view here

Tahiti teases their comeback vid, “Love Sick.”

EXO finally drops the Drama Version for their MV “Wolf.”

B.A.P reveal concept photos for song “Hurricane” for members Dae Hyun & Youngjae, view here

Male idol, believed to be 2pm’s Jo Kwon, suspected of visiting a gay bar while visiting Thailand by netizens after the following picture surfaced on the web

Jo Kwon

July 16

YG reveals teaser photo for Kang Seung Yoon‘s solo debut.

B.A.P releases remaining “Hurricane” concept photos, view here

Infinite returns with “Destiny,” and I like the song [especially Dongwoo’s rap] but this was visually the brighter version of “Before The Dawn.”

SHINee reveals MV for “초록비 (Green Rain)” from MBC drama “여왕의 교실 (The Queen’s Classroom)”

Kang Seung Yoon makes his solo debut with the release of song “It Rains.”

B2ST drops 2nd set of “Hard to Love, How to Love” teaser pics, view here

July 17

B.A.P releases MV for “Hurricane,” which I found to be a disappointment. This group has always managed to hold on to their individuality, but there are so many similarities to Big Bang’s “Tonight” that its hard to ignore. Plus this song was BAD. It would have been more appropriate as a 30 second intro song.

B2ST takes their dark image to an even darker place with “그림자 (Shadow)” teaser. I think this is gonna be good!

f(x) takes an artsy fartsy approach to teasing their 2nd album “Pink Tape.” I think an f(x) comeback is way overdue so I am excited!!

Tahiti fails to excite me with their 2nd MV teaser for “Love Sick.”

AOA Black teases upcoming son, “MOYA,” featuring comedian Kim Min Kyu

July 18

B2ST makes their comeback with the release of 2nd album “2집 – Hard to Love, How to Love” (listen here) and MV “그림자 (Shadow)”

f(x) (2)

f(x) drop 1st batch of teaser pics for “Pink Tape,” see here

Kim Hyun Joong drops his music video for “Unbreakable” featuring Jay Park

July 20

Taecyeon of 2pm appears in Vol. 49 of 1st Look magazine, see here

Super Junior M’s Henry appears in the July, 2013 issue of Elle magazine, see here

July 21

f(x) drops black & white teaser pics for “Pink Tape,” see here

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