Review: 3집 – Grown [Grand Edition]

3집 - Grown [Grand Edition]

Traicion [Taecyeon]: 0/1

I’m not crazy about a singing Taecyeon. He is a rapper, and thats really all I want to see him do. Then he does a slow, tango-esque song, and I was completely thrown off.

I’m In Love [Junho]: .75/1

Listening to “I’m In Love” was like listening to a 2pm song, I think this song could have worked beautifully for the group. Now that doesn’t really give Junho an image as a solo artist, but by not branching far from the music that works for his voice he wowed.

This is Love [Woo Young]: .5/1

Just like his attempt at a solo career, Woo Young’s solo song “This Is Love” didn’t wow me. The song was okay but it failed to keep me interested for the whole time.

향수 (Perfume) [Chansung]: 0/1

For the love of Jesus, someone tell Chansung to stick to rapping. Like in all 2pm songs where Chansung sings, he sounds as though he is struggling to get the notes out correctly. With him being the only voice on the song its hard to listen to. I still cannot understand why he stopped being a rapper in the group especially after the departure of Jaebeom.

Let It Rain [Nichkhun]: 1/1

“Let It Rain” was perfection. Nichkhun nailed his solo song in a way that none of his other group mates could. Now, I don’t think he is quite capable of holding down a solo career, but doing these solo songs on future 2pm albums wouldn’t be a bad idea.

True Swag [Jun.K]: .25/1

This song was loads of hot mess. I thought this song just oozed gangster wannabe, and it just wasn’t a good song. I was just not feeling this, and for the only member in 2pm that strikes me as someone who can hold down a solo career, this is a disappointment.

It’s Time ft. San E & 유빈 (Yubin) [Taecyeon]: .25/1

I thought “It’s Time” had a catchy beat, but it was a disappointing track because I didn’t hear the rapping that I know Yubin is capable of, and Taecyeon missed his opportunity to push himself as a rapper and give us something fierce. The only person who wowed me was San E. It doesn’t say much about Taecyeon that he let himself be out shined by one of his featuring artists.

Just a Feeling [Junho]: .25/1

Love U Down [Chansung]: .5/1

내 이름을 불러줘 (Call My Name) [2pm]: 0/1

I had big problems with “내 이름을 불러줘 (Call My Name).” The song’s chorus sounds EXACTLY like U-Kiss’s Japanese song, One Of You, a group who has a COMPLETELY different image. I don’t know what world I’m in when I’m hearing 2pm channeling U-Kiss for their music.

This repackage album really help set some of the members apart as artists and song writers while it remained clear for some that a group is where they belonged. Also, this album proved to me that its not a smart idea to take JYP out of the song writing team over at JYP Entertainment.

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