Who Wore It Better?: Yubin vs. Ha Ji Won vs. Jun Ji Hyun

Who Wore It Better? (Yubin vs. Ha Ji Won vs. Jun Ji Hyun)

Its Actresses vs. Rapper turned actress in this week’s ‘Who Wore It Better?’

Wonder Girls’ Yubin is up against actresses Ha Ji Won & Jun Ji Hyun, and all three are wearing this floral print brown blouse from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Ha Ji Won was stunning in sun for Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot in the July 2012 issue. Jun Ji Hyun was seen in the blouse for her photo spread in Vol. 24 of 1st Look magazine. Yubin modeled the blouse along side labelmate Taecyeon of 2pm, and groupmate Sunye for Cosmopolitan magazine’s September 2012 issue.

Which of these ladies pulls of this floral top best? Vote in the poll, and comment on each of their looks in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Who Wore It Better?: Yubin vs. Ha Ji Won vs. Jun Ji Hyun

  1. Beautiful Ha Ji Won looks gorgeous in anything, her natural good looks and figure sweep most people off their feet…Hahaha

  2. Ha Ji Won demonstrates her classy and high fashion sense by buttoning up the blouse. This is not a blouse designed for casual wear.
    She looks great.

  3. I choose Ha Ji Won Unnie 🙂 She’s always so cool! And this pattern looks so stylish on her! 🙂 As I can see, most of people agreed 🙂

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