Review: 11집 – The Classic

11집 - The Classic

Legendary boy band Shinhwa returns with their 11th album, “The Classic.”

“This Love” is the song of a group that’s been together for 15 years! Shinhwa is on their A game with this title song. The group took it to the club with an electro beat and heavy bass to make complete perfection. The voguing, the singing, the rapping, EVERYTHING about this song was perfection. Shinhwa says their intention with this song was to show the sexiness of being in your late 30s, but for me they are showing the greatness that comes from being confident with yourself.

Score: 1/1

There is no question in my mind that “11집 – The Classic” is Shinhwa’s best album to date. Along with their fellow veteran idol, Lee Hyori, Shinhwa is showing every newbie idol group how to have longevity in the business. If this is the quality of work Shinhwa can give me after 15 years, I look forward to the next 15.

그래 (Yes): .75/1

아는 남자 (Aquainted Guy): 1/1

Scarface: 1/1

New Me: 1/1

웃다가… (Laughing): 1/1

마네킹 (Mannequin): 1/1

Hurricane: .5/1

I Gave You: 0/1

사랑 노래 (Love Song): .5/1

Final Score:3.9/5

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