Listen to: 7집 – Lucky Numbers

7집 - Lucky Numbers

진격의 거인 둘 (Return Of The Kings)


쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz) ft. 자이언 티 (Zion.T)


Skit #1


거품 안 넘치게 따라줘 (Life Is Good) ft. Crush & DJ Friz


BAAAM ft. 뮤지 (Muzie)


Airplane Mode ft. 이주한 (Lee Joo Han), 혜원 (Hye Won) & Simo


만루홈런 (Lee Dae Ho) ft. 슈프림팀 (Supreme Team) & DJ Friz


슛 골인 (Shoot Goal In)


날개뼈 (Hot Wings) ft. 효린 (Hyorin)


아침사랑 (Good Morning Love)


비극 Part 2 (Tragedy Part 2)


범죄야 범죄 (Crime Scene) ft. 정재일 (Jung Jae Il)


가끔씩 오래 보자 (Shin Dong Yeop)

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