Review: 여자 대통령 (Female President)

The First Album Repackage '여자 대통령 (Female President)'

Girls’ Day recently made their second comeback of the year with repacked song, “여자 대통령 (Female President).”

I am loving Girls’ Day a whole lot more these days since they’ve dropped their excessively cutesy image and traded it in for a more sexed up mature one. While “기대해 (Expectation)” was more mature and womanly, “여자 대통령 (Female President)” is all about showing skin, and raising eyebrows. I could definitely have lived without the butt cheeks that were this music video, but as for the song I thought it was good. I may bot be the best song of the year, but it was upbeat, fun, and was even sexy to listen to, and I think Girls’ Day’s ability to embrace this image change so well makes them the most improve artists of the year.

My only problem with this song lies with the music video. As someone who doesn’t speak Korean, when I saw the video I was absolutely confused about how the title relates with the video. When I read the lyrics I realized the message, and I still think the video was INCREDIBLY inappropriate, but I’ll spare your the tangent on overexposure in MVs.

Score: 3.75/5

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