From The Mouth Of Papa YG: Bang Yedam Signs to YG, Akdong Musician Aiming To Debut This Year, YG On TV + More


YG’s CEO is back again to clue us in on what’s happening over at YG Entertainment. His latest update reveals that 12 year old Kpop Star Season 2 runner-up Bang Yedam has official signed to the agency and will be undergoing intense training for his debut. He also revealed that the Kpop Star Season 2 winners, Akdong Musician are aiming to make their debut later this year.

In Big Bang news, G-Dragon’s solo album is set to be released on his birthday, August 18th. However, since his birthday falls on a Sunday this year the album will be dropped online on August 14th, while the physical album, and comeback stage will happen on August 18th. Also, Tae Yang is aiming for a September comeback following a 3 year hiatus.

The most exciting news is that YG is working on having their artist appear on TV more than just the once a week music show promotions that they’ve been doing for the last 4 years. He even mentions having them participate in variety programs as well.

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“I extend my apology for the delayed post.


Before we move one, I have one piece of news for all of you.


Recently we announced that the winner of K-Pop Star season 2, AKDONG MUSICIAN, signed a contract with YG Entertainment. And we are happy to announce that the second winner of the show, BANG YEDAM, has also just completed all negotiations related to signing up with YG. BANG YEDAM and his parents previously showed interest in signing the contract with our agency.


So this means that both the first and second winners K-Pop Star 2 are with YG. AKDONG MUSICIAN, the siblings who are capable of both writing and composing songs, are expected to release their first album before the year ends. Meanwhile, we will be providing extensive and professional training to our 12-year-old newcomer, BANG YEDAM.


Many are worried that since BANG YEDAM is still young, his voice will change once he experiences puberty. But I have never heard of anyone whose musical talents were hindered because of the changes from puberty. So there is no need to worry!


Unlike gold, diamond is a stone which value depends solely on how it is carved or cut. BANG YEDAM can be compared to diamond. The three judges on K-Pop Star, including myself, were left awe-struck when we discovered the diamonds in this singer. We knew that after much professional training, he would be of an immeasurable value.


We cannot say for sure if that process would take one year or even ten years, but we can assure you all that we will spare no effort to help him shine like diamond.


What are the plans for G-DRAGON’s solo concert?


G-DRAGON is scheduled to hold a solo concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena for two days on August 31 and September 1.


Technically, this will be G-DRAGON’s final encore concert for his World Tour. At the concert he will be performing his new songs from his 2nd album, which will be released on August 18.


Since GD has been holding his World Tour concerts for the last few months, he is not planning a new concert this year. Instead, he will be devoting his energy on his album work.


More details on GD’s August 18 solo album release?


As you all know, August 18 is GD’s birthday. But because it is Sunday (weekend), it would be difficult to release the song online.


To make it more special for the fans and GD himself, on August 18 he is scheduled to release the album on a TV music program and offline, while making the online release a little earlier, on August 14.


So there are no changes in YG’s once-a-week appearance on TV music program?


Was it 4 years ago that we announced it for the first time? I think it was, when 2NE1 made their debut around that time. When they made a debut we announced that YG artists would make an appearance on TV music program once a week. And for the last 4 years, the plan helped our artists carry out activities both home and abroad, which led to the increase in the number of international fans and the scale of our overseas market. On the other hand, we feel regretful that our Korean fans have a lot less opportunity to see the artists now.


We are sorry that our Korean fans did not have many chances to see BIGBANG who were on a World Tour for a long time after releasing a mini album at the beginning of last year, and also 2NE1 who left Korea for World Tour after releasing just one song “I Love You” last July.


So taking everything into consideration, we may come up with a new promotional method that is more suitable for us, rather than continuing the once-a-week appearance plan.


From the beginning of July, 2NE1 will be seen a lot more often on TV when they release “Falling in Love”. We will be having some in-depth discussion with our artists about appearing on variety shows, which is something we were holding back until now.


When will TAEYANG release his album?


We are thinking beginning of September for TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album. This is the first one in 3 years since his first solo album release in 2010.


Well, it’s time to go now but I will come back with more good news on the details of TAEYANG’s new album and also on BIGBANG’s other members! Stay tuned!



2013.06.28 FROM YG”

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