Celebrity Soldiers Are In Hot Water After Getting Caught in A Brothel

Se7en & Sangchu

SBS has reported that two celebrity soldiers, Se7en and Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu were caught going into a brothel [a place where a person can go see prostitutes]. On June 21st a group of celeb soldiers finished an event for 6.25 Korean holiday. After finishing the event, the celebrity soldiers went to a hotel instead of going back to their unit and when they left the hotel at 10pm they were in regular clothes rather than military clothes which is against  rules. After leaving the hotel they went to dinner where they consumed alcoholic drinks such as beer and soju.

They returned to the hotel at around 2:30am, from where they boarded a taxi and went to a massage parlor. After 10 minutes they left, and went to a different massage parlor where they spent about 30 minutes before leaving.

When asked about the celebrity soldier an employee responded: “They said that they didn’t have enough time and just left without getting a massage after getting their money back.”

When the TV Crew was spotted by the celebrity soldiers, the soldiers attempted to take the cameras by violent force. One solider said, “We’re not doing anything wrong.”

The TV Crew replied “It’s 4 in the morning right now. Are you a soldier or are you a celebrity? You visited massage parlor A and then proceeded to go to massage parlor B. Do you have anything to say?”

The soldier answered after a pause of silence, “We swear that we have not done anything illegal.”

The National Public Relations unit has released a statement about why the celebs where there:

“They went for medical purposes.”

Se7en and Sangchu were taken in for question on June 25, and its be reported that in questioning Sangchu stated:

“Se7en, who is my junior officer, did nothing wrong. I will take all responsibility as the senior officer.”

Park Han Byul & Se7en (4)

Since the news broke there has been a rumor floating around that Se7en was banned from his fancafe, but the cafe has since denied the rumor. Fans are also wondering if this scandal means that rumors of Se7en and his girlfriend of 10 years Park Han Byul’s split is true.

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This is so messy. Se7en was already on rocky ground after angering netizen’s with his ‘bad attitude’ following his return from US promotions. I think this is going to cause a real shake up in Korea and how celebrity roles in the military. As for the Park Han Byul/Se7en situation…If they weren’t broken up before…they will be now.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrity Soldiers Are In Hot Water After Getting Caught in A Brothel

  1. Personally, I could give a care less. In most countries men with prostitutes isn’t a big deal. It is friggin’ 2013. Who cares.

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