Comeback Tracker: July [Updated]

Comeback Tracker (3)

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No dates have been confirmed, but Ailee is set to comeback in mid-July following a 9 month hiatus.

John Park

John Park is set to make a comeback, FINALLY. On July 3rd, he will be dropping his first studio album, “Inner Child,” after a 1 year and 5 month hiatus. It’s been revealed John Park produced the album himself, composed five songs, and worked with artists like Lee JukLee Sang SoonDynamic Duo‘s Choiza, and Duble Sidekick.

“I worked on this album for about 1 year, and I was happy to work with musicians that I truly respect. I made this music with the mindset of going to my inner child.”


2pm will be releasing a Grand Version of their 3rd album, “Grown,” that will contain an additional 10 solo and self composed songs.

01. Traicion (Betrayal) [Written by Taecyeon]

02. I’m In Love [Written by Junho]

03. This is Love [Written by Woo Young]

04. 향수 (Perfume) [Written by Changsung]

05. Let It Rain [Nichkhun Solo]

06. True Swag [Written by Jun.K]

07. It’s Time ft. San E & Yubin

08. Just a Feeling [Junho Solo]

09. Love U Down [Chansung Solo]

10. 내 이름을 불러줘 (Call My Name) [Written by Taecyeon]


YG has confirmed the girls will return in July with song “Falling in Love.” They will be dropping a single every month until the release of their album in October. Read more here.


According to Instiz, 4minute will be releasing a new album, “요즘 물 좋아?! (It’s Not The Same These Days)” at the end of the month.


IU was scheduled to make a comeback in July but LEON Entertainment has released a statement revealing a possible delay due to her busy schedule.:

We’re working on the new album with a release in July as the goal, but her comeback date isn’t confirmed yet. Her album is progressing along, but her comeback schedule is unconfirmed because of her filming and other schedules. There’s a possibility that it’ll be delayed later than July.


There is no confirmed date from CUBE yet, but the group has pre-released songs,  “괜찮겠니 (Will You Be Alright?)”

and “I’m Sorry.”

Xiah Junsu

Xiah is set to make his solo comeback with the release of 2nd studio album on July 15th.

Dynamic Duo

The rap duo is set to release their 7th album “Lucky Numbers” on July 1st.


MYNAME is gearing up for the release of their mini album “Baby I’m Sorry” on July 4th.


There are no confirmed dates, but speed rapper Outsider is set to make his comeback following a 3 year hiatus at the end of the month.

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