Monthly Music Mix [June]: Schools Out!

Monthly Playlist [June]

June. Summer’s just started, and a the end of the school year is FINALLY here! Backpacks are swapped with beach bags, textbooks are traded for iPods, and sleeping late is on everyone’s agenda, this month’s playlist is celebrating everyone’s favorite time of the school year, Summer Vacation!


긱스 (Geeks)Backpack
미스 에이 (Miss A)Breathe
현아 (Hyun Ah)Bubble Pop!
슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)Walkin’
샤이니 (SHINee)Ready or Not
이효리 (Lee Hyori)빨간자동차 (Red Car) ft. 김건모 (Kim Gun Mo)
슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)Wonder Boy
쿨 (Cool)보고보고
동방신기/東方神起 (DBSK)Box in the Ship
스컬 (Skull)– Boom Di Boom Di
울랄라세션 (Ulala Session)아름다운 밤 (Beautiful Night)
코요태 (Koyote)Good Good Time
클론 (Clon)쿵따리샤바라
터보 (Turbo)트위스트킹 (Twist King)
쿨 (Cool)해변의여인 (Woman of the Beach)
블락비 (Block B)Mental Breaker
신화 (Shinhwa)으쌰! 으쌰! (Eusha! Eusha!)
박재범 (Park Jaebeom)좋아 (Joah)
씨스타 (Sistar)러빙유 (Loving U)
브레이브걸스 (Brave Girls)툭하면 (Easily) ft. Skull
애프터스쿨 Red (After School Red)밤 하늘에 (Into The Night Sky)
Big Bang붉은 노을 (Sunset Glow)
비스트 (B2ST)아름다운 밤 (Beautiful Night)

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