News from Hallyuwood: Lee Byung Hun + Lee Min Jung to Tie The Knot in August

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Actors Lee Byung Hun, and Lee Min Jung will be tying the knot! The two announced they were dating last year in August after rumors of their relationship started to spread. Fastforward almost one year later and after inital denial, the two have revealed they will be getting hitched this August.

Lee Byung Hun’s agency, BH Entertainment, released a statement after news hit:

“Hello, this is Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment.

We will reveal the information regarding the marriage of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung for all those who’ve taken interest through this press release. The two, who have promised to love and trust one another forever and become life partners, will be getting married at the Grand Hayatt Hotel on August 10th. Since the two’s love for each other have blossomed thanks to all your support and interest, we hope that you’ll continue to support them and send them love for their new start. Lee Byung Hun will continue to remain a hardworking actor and also do his best to show a good image as he leads a household. Thank you.”

Today, Lee Byung Hun wrote a letter to fans about his upcmonig nuptials:

“Hello, it’s Lee Byung Hun.

I’m sure you’re all doing well. I was happy when I saw the photos from the recent trip. I’m currently in Japan. I think you all already know why I decided to pick up the pen like this. As I’ve always done, it’s obvious that I should have told you first what was happening and I should have shared the happy news with you. But news was reported by the media this morning without my knowledge, and there was no way but to hurry our official stance, so I’m telling you all this late.

I’m going to be marrying Lee Min Jung, my best friend and colleague on August 10. Our fates met and we promised to be together for eternity. After our announcement, our friends have been telling us that they were surprised but they’re also congratulating us. I know this must be surprising to you as well, but the actor Lee Byung Hun will always be working hard to do the best even if I’m married.

I have not forgotten that I’m able to do this because all of you are always by my side. I’m going to work hard as the actor Lee Byung Hun that doesn’t change and do my best. I don’t know where the top of this mountain I’m climbing is, but I’m still going to do my best climbing it together with all of you.

I’m always thankful.”

Congratz to the couple on their marriage!


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