K-Idol Worship: New Addition to the Insta-Verse, Comeback Info Floods In, and A Whole Lot More From the Idol World

K-Idol Worship
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  • C-Clown leader, Rome, joins the…Insta-verse! WARNING: LOTS OF MUSCLE-Y ARM PICTURES!! Follow Rome here.
  • Sistar to make summer comeback on June 11th with their 2nd full album.

Xiah Junsu

  • Xiah Junsu will be making a solo comeback with his 2nd full album in July. I CANNOT WAIT!

“This album will be released in the summer with a stylish pop combined with Kim Junsu’s high-end ballad performance, expect a fantastic album.”


  • Dal★Shabet returns on June 20th with a mini album. “How” was written by member Woohee, and 4 of the 6 songs is said to have been written by members SerriJiyool, and Ga Eun. I am looking forward to hearing their song writing skills, I’ll be honest I’m skeptical.

Dal Shabet has confirmed their comeback for the 20th, and they’ll be releasing a new album with a concept that fits the summer….You’ll be able to see Dal Shabet that’s stepped up one level musically because it’s the first time the members worked on the entire album, including writing lyrics and composing songs.

  • Queens of the mic, Yoon Mirae, and CL’s earn themselves the #7 and #9 spots respectively on Fuses’s ‘Women in Hip Hop: 2013’s Rising Female Rappers’ list. Check it out here and here.
  • BTS drops first set of member teaser pictures for member, V. View pics here.

1집 - XOXO (Kiss & Hug)

  • EXO drops their 1st album, “XOX (Kiss & Hug).”

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