Review: Name Is 4minute

Name Is 4minute


4minute returns with their 4th mini album, “Name Is 4minute.”

For me “이름이 뭐예요? (What’s Your Name?)” was an okay song. Cube promised that this comeback would be the return of the 4minute we used the see when they first debuted, and this didn’t deliver that, AT ALL. Listening the song, I do like, and can see myself listening to it further down the road, but my real problems with this song arise with the visuals. I found the choreography to be nothing special, it was whole lot of shaking, and rubbing, and typical 4minute dancing. The video was a weird combination of SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” and T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey,” thanks to this odd mix of super bright colors and the zombie trend of last year. The concept of this song could have been a whole lot better, and I wouldn’t haven’t picked it for their title song.

Score: .75/1

“Whatever” is hands down the best song on the album. This was the first time in a long time that I really loved a song 4minute. Listening to this song made me feel like 4minute had finally returned to the music and style I had come to love them for. There was semi return of Jiyoon’s rapping, Hyun Ah’s rapping improved, and the line distribution was a lot more even. I did feel the choreography could have been spiced up a bit more, but overall I love this song.

Score: 1/1

For the most part this album wasn’t all that great. I saw a glimmer of hope that 4minute had and will return to what I had originally loved them for in “Whatever,” but I get the feeling it will be a long time before I am crazy over a 4minute comeback. Despite toning it waay down, 4minute is still holding tight to their sexy image. Once they find a happy medium, I think 4minute can give real greatness with their music. Though 4minute still isn’t hitting the mark I would like, I will continue to wait patiently until the day they release a hit as great as “Huh.”

What’s My Name?: 0/1

Gimme That: .5/1

Domino: .5/1

Final Score: 2.75/5

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