ZE:A Is Going to Debut Their 2nd Unit Group In A Year…WTF!


Can someone please explain to me why this is happening?! Not long ago ZE:A debuted unit group, ZE:A5 with members Siwan, Minwoo, Hyungsik, Kevin and Dongjun and now they’ve revealed the debut of their second unit, ZE:4U made up of KwangheeHeecheolJunyoung, and Taeheon.

How many ways can I say this is a waste of time?! ZE:A5 failed to do well, and failed to create an image of their own, so I find it hard to believe that ZE:4U will succeed to do so, especially since it seems like their going for the same image as ZE:A5, cutesy.

What do you think about this ZE:A’s upcoming subunit? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep up to date on all things ZE:A, and ZE:A4U, by following Asia 24/7 on FacebookTwitter, and Tumbler.

5 thoughts on “ZE:A Is Going to Debut Their 2nd Unit Group In A Year…WTF!

  1. Keep in mind that they are debuting in Japan, where ZE:A5 also debuted and did relatively well. ZE:A doesn’t have an outstanding fanbase in Korea. They are arguably more popular in Japan.

    And this is just speculation, but I think part of the reason why ZE:A5 debuted in Korea was to give Junyoung more time to heal from his injury before having another comeback–he has already missed two.

    This also gives Taehun, Junyoung, Heechul, and Kwanghee a chance to showcase their talents. As a ZE:A fan, I’m rather excited for that.

    1. Yeah, I’m a ZE:A fan and super excited too. The concept surprises me though. I was expecting something more…manly, seeing as how the most “manly” members of ZE:A are in this subunit (minus Kwanghee, of course).

      Besides that, I’m really looking forward to listen to the mini-album and also the song that Junyoung composed. He did a great job with his remix of “Aftermath”, this song should be great too. ^_^

    2. It just makes no sense to constantly debut unit group, after unit group when they aren’t doing well. If ZE:A’s agency would put this much energy into producing a solid comeback ZE:A would be doing fine all around. ZE:A doesn’t even have a strong image of their own, so their unit groups won’t have one either.

  2. Guess they just don’t wanna left on the side those who lack in talent in the group… But agree it’s a waste of time…
    I like ZE:A5, more than the main group…their sound is a bit different from the main group but not enough to say they success as do something different- if it ever make sense >_<-

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