T-ara Performs At The Las Vegas Palm Pool & Doesn’t Get A Good Response, CCM Gives An “Excuse”



Well, N4 has been continuing with this charade of a friendship with Chris Brown, and recently performed with him at the Las Vegas Palms Pool.

As you can see the audience, including the person filming (@ 0:09) were not enjoying it. Now, CCM has come forward with their own ‘excuse’ for the fan audience response.

We’re flustered as the label, as well. We think there was some mix up and it happened because the concept of the concert was different. It was something promised from the beginning while we were talking details on recording ‘Countryside Life’ with Chris Brown. Even the label won’t know what really happened until after the American promotion team arrives on the evening of the 29th…We were told that they’d be opening for a concert, but it was actually more like a festival-type event. It’s true that Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa planned the concert. The video is of their first performance. In their second performance, we heard that Chris Brown came out to introduce T-ara to the crowd.

It sounds like they are saying Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa weren’t clear on the venue, therefore the girls could not prepare…A concert is a concert, indoors or out so what was so hard about performing? Its not like the girls could have performed another song, this is their only song. This doesn’t sound like an excuse for the lake of fan enjoyment. All I know is, at this rate CCM will drive these girls, and their careers right to the ground.


One thought on “T-ara Performs At The Las Vegas Palm Pool & Doesn’t Get A Good Response, CCM Gives An “Excuse”

  1. Since T-ARA bullying controversy, CCM always come up with excuse more shitty than the previous one. It will never be their fault, the one to blame will always be the other parties.

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