Baek Ji Young is Pregnant And No One is Surprised

Jung Suk Won & Baek Ji Young (5)


As everyone suspected, singer Baek Ji Young is indeed pregnant. It was revealed today that she is in her 4th month. She and hubby to be, Jung Suk Won announced their June wedding a short time ago, denying rumors of it being a shotgun wedding.

It was revealed that Baek Ji Young was pregnant by a source:

“The bride-to-be, Baek Ji Young, is currently in her early stage of pregnancy and is paying careful attention to her health. She is currently taking secret visits to the hospital.”

A friend also made a statement on Baek Ji Young’s pregnancy:

Baek Ji Young is currently featuring in the cable channel Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea 2’ as a coach and is preparing to enter into the live broadcast round, while Jung Suk Won is busy filming his movie ‘N.L.L.-Battle of Yeonpyeong’, leaving them unable to have a honeymoon right after the wedding. Because Baek Ji Young is currently in her early pregnancy stage, she is unable to make long-distance trips anyway, so in addition to their scheduling conflicts, they’ve accepted that skipping their honeymoon is part of their fate.”

Baek Ji Young’s agency also released a statement:

Baek Ji Young is pregnant. The couple and their families were both elated when they heard.”


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