Review: 1집 – Backpack

1집 - Backpack

“Wash Away” is one of my favorite songs this year. The flow of the song, and the rap was flawless. Geeks rapping style worked really well with Ailee’s voice, and it made for a really beautiful song. However, I thought the MV was a little weird, and I wish Ailee could have appeared in it rather than have random scenes with the girl in water.

Score: 1/1

I loved “Backpack.” It was summer-y, and upbeat, and very different from what Geek has released so far. While, “Backpack” didn’t match the theme of the rest of the album, it some how worked well with the other song.

Score: 1/1

“Siren” also showed a change in Geeks sound. It was very underground Hip Hop in sound and style, plus it had a darker more hardcore element. In the video we see a mosh pit, and it was very club like. Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

Score: 1/1

This was without a doubt, Geeks strongest album to date, and they really stood out as an indie group for the first time since their debut. The whole album sounded like a reinvention of he duo. They went from this eerie ballad sound with “Wash Away” to upbeat, and sunny with “Backpack” to underground, and dark with “Siren.” There were some hiccup songs, that the album could have gone without, but the overall strength of the album made up for it. For the first time, I heard a real personality in their music, and it was refreshing. Also, I thought their choice of features were really good. I haven’t heard of a majority of these artist, and that made their album more stand out. It wasn’t all about the name sake.

Other Scores:

Lights Go On: 1/1

집앞에서 (The Outlaw) (전화 받지 마 (Don’t Pick Up The Phone) Part 2) ft. Crucial Star: .75/1

It’s Raining (Skit #1) (Song By Stella Jang): 0/1

비가오네 (When It’s Raining) ft. 박수민 (Park Soo Min) ft. 박수민 (Park Soo Min): .75/1

Getting On You ft. DJ Dopsh: .75/1

아마 (Probably): 1/1

어때 (How Are You) ft. 하림 (Harim): 1/1

잉여인간 (Super Human) (Skit #2) (Song By Stella Jang): 0/1

잉여인간 (Super Human): .5/1

Love, Life 그 한가운데서 (In The Middle of Love, Life): 1/1

헌신 (Devotion): 0/1

유언 (Will): .5/1

Final Score: 3.4/5

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