Review: Gentleman


Psy made his comeback with “Gentleman” as follow up to his incredible successful song, “Gangnam Style.”

“Gentleman” is a good song, and nothing less is expected of Psy. The sound, and style, and theme is all true to Psy, and his style. However, I was not wowed. I’ve listened to a lot of Psy’s music, and one of the great things about him as an artist is that none of his songs sound the same. He always manages to reinvent himself with each album. With that being said, “Gentleman” was a bit of a let down because it was not a far jump from “Gangnam Style” in sound, style or theme.

The song itself is not a bad one, its just not what is expected of Psy. It was obviously an attempt to keep riding the “Gangnam Style” train, but I would have much rather him mix it up even if it meant not having as big a hit as “Gangnam Style,” which lets face it, can’t be recreated.

Final Score: 2.5/5

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