Review: 있을 때 잘해 줄 걸 (Should Have Treated You Better)

있을 때 잘해 줄 걸 (Should Have Treated You Better)

“있을 때 잘해 줄 걸 (Should Have Treated You Better)” wasn’t necessarily a bad song, but it wasn’t great. I can’t find the aspect of this song, that is different from U-Kiss’ style of music. I don’t see how uBeat is setting themselves apart from U-Kiss with this song. Eli, and AJ are singing in a big part of this song. I mean, the unit has two rappers, and they’re barely even doing that. It makes no sense. U-Kiss is not a very rap-oriented group, and this unit would have been a perfect way to change than, and set themselves apart. This song was just a major fail for the group.

Score: .25/1

I’ve come to really like “Standing Still,” and this remix did it no justice. I can’t even consider this a remix, since it essential is the MR of the song. It sounds empty, and I feel like I’, still hear the other members on the tracks, which would defeat the purpose of this unit group releasing an album.

Standing Still (Remix): 0/1

The quality of this album was not surprising. U-Kiss hasn’t been releasing strong albums lately, and I honestly didn’t expect one from their sub-unit. None of these members really bring something to the table that sets them apart from their group. If Eli, and AJ had been rapping more, and if the group had taken a more serious approach, I think this unit could have been more successful is expanding from U-Kiss.

I would like to know why songs from “Collage” were released on this album, and it didn’t even sound like uBeat re-sang them to make it their own. This album just proved that U-Kiss belongs as one big group, and I see no need for them to branch out and create sub-units.

Intro: 0/1

오랜만이야 (Long Time No See): 0/1

숨도 못 쉬어 (Remix): .5/1

Missing You: 0/1

Party All The Time (Remix): 0/1

Sweety Girl (Remix): .5/1

사랑하니까 (Because I Love You): 1/1

Final Score: 1.25/5

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