Jo In Sung & Kim Min Hee An Item

Jo In Sung & Kim Min Hee

Yesterday, Dispatch announced that they would be revealing a celebrity couple later in the day, and it turns out the couple is “That Winter The Wind Blew’s” lead actor, Jo In Sung, and model and actress, Kim Min Hee. The two have been dating for 4 months but have known each other for 10 years.

Some inside sources revealed some info on the couple.

“The two opened up comfortably when they were at places with close friends gathered… They started showing interest in each other, and naturally their relationship progressed.”

“The two have been in the entertainment field for a long time. Since they’ve walked similar paths, they have a lot in common so they converse well… Although they’ve been meeting secretly, they’re very dependent on one another.”

I never thought of these two together, but she is one of my favorite people, and so is he so I’m a fan of the couple. YEAH!

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