Tony Ahn & Girls’ Day Hyeri Reveal Their Jaw Dropping Relationship

Tony Ahn & Hyeri

I sat at my computer for 5 minutes before I could even start to express my feels on this one. I…I AM SPEECHLESS, but I am going to try my darnedest to get my feels out.

First, lets talk age different. There is 16 year age difference, and honestly to each his own, but I’m thinking Tony is 34 years old, and should, and probably is looking to get married, and have kids…does he plan on marrying Hyeri? Does she plan to get married at 19…20? Its one thing to have a fling but he just isn’t at the age to be having flings.

Second, I am super skeptical of the way their relationship was revealed. Sports Seoul decided to take to Twitter, and announce they would be revealing a couple they had been following for 2 months.

<> will have an exclusive report on the 16th (Korea Time) pertaining to love news between idol stars. For the fist time to our readers, we will be revealing the love story of an ‘idol couple’ through the information and photos we have exclusively obtained by covering them for the past 2 months. Please show us a lot of interest and support.

Why are you announcing news that your about to reveal in a few hours? That aspect made the whole relationship seem like a publicity stunt.

If you were feeling skeptical, both artists’ agencies confirmed the relationship:

“It’s true that they’re meeting with fond feelings… They’re still at a stage where they’re getting to know each other. Please look over them fondly.”

This relationship obviously isn’t going to last long unless she plans on giving up her idol career…so…I don’t know what I feel about this…

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3 thoughts on “Tony Ahn & Girls’ Day Hyeri Reveal Their Jaw Dropping Relationship

  1. Most of the comments that I read so far are about how shocking the age gaps is. Yes there is 16yrs difference but if she was the one who was older, it wouldn’t be the same thing.

    1. I don’t think it would be different. It might even be weirder. If it was the other way around, again, she would be at the age for marriage and babies, so…would she be looking to marry him?

      1. I guess to me it’s not a shock cause one of my co-worker date a woman about 17 yrs old than him. So to me it’s not a big shock. I think what make it appear more shocking it’s cause of the society in which we live right now… A men can still make think to make their family when they are 60…I know it’s still look weird but he is as a good health it will not be a problem. So even if Tony plan to stay with her he still have time…

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