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About Saphirya:

Saphirya is a French-Canadian who is addicted to Kpop (and Korean Entertainment in general) and Tolkien Universe. She love music, and listens to it every time that she can. Her passions aren’t just limited to Kpop, she’s an avid manga reader, who loves drawing, watching TV, and surfing the web.

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Today, an idol’s job is not just limited to singing, and performing. Idols are now taking on movies, musicals, modeling, and especially variety television. Even with hundreds of idols scrambling to get their place on variety world, we’ve still been graced with a small handful of true entertainment idols.
ShinhwaThe first generation of idols blessed us with the reigning gods of variety, Shinhwa. With 15 years of variety experience under their belt, and despite a 4 year hiatus, these men are still proving they know what it takes to be on variety television. with their show, “Shinhwa Broadcast.”
Shinhwa that makes them so skilled at keeping us entertained? A 20 plus year friendship. The members of Shinhwa have experienced everything from the life a trainee to a successful life as an idol together, and all that’s in between. Their dynamic is like no other’s a for that reason they are unique in the variety world. Shinhwa appears in countless varieties, like Family Outing, Happy Together, Star Golden Bell and Radio Star just to name a few, but mostly as simple guest. Shinhwa are not only funny on varieties but also during interview, they can become out of control ask Nayoung it was her first interview and I think she got traumatize
Another product of the first generation is Lee Hyori. The former member of F.in.K.L has gone on to even host shows like Happy Together, Sang Sang Plus, Change, and You & I. She was also a part of season 1 of SBS’ Family Outing.
From the second generation we got the greatness that is known as Super Junior. The group made their variety show debut in 2007 with super Junior_Sorry Sorry SBS’s Explorers of the Human Body. Six years later Shindong, Eunhyuk, and leader, Leeteuk earned major roles in variety television. The three earned themselves permanent roles on SBS Strong Heart, where the hosted regular segments like and “Teuk-igayo.”They also host their own variety show on MBC Super Junior Foresight where they receive guest and learn from them and who can forget their memorable appearance at Saturday Night Live Korea ? Before his enlistment Leeteuk was the host for SBS Star King
The third generation of idols as gifted us with numerous skilled variety idols. 2am’s Jo Kwon, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, and the entire group of 2pm have proven to be forces in the variety world. Jo Kwon has created a name for himself in variety by entertaining the masses with his signature Kkab dances, and diva personality. He appears more than once in the MBC variety show “Sebakwi” (Quiz that change the World) cracking up the audience each time with his crazy antic. Lee Joon is a strong contender in the variety world with his airhead comedy his member always took the care to make fun of him during MBLAQ Sesame Player. He was also a regular guest of variety KBS‘s Star Golden Bell and 100 Points Out of 100 .Finally, Kwanghee has made such an impression on entertainment television with his loud voice, and straight forward comments that he has even earned himself a co-host spot on MBC Knee Drop Guru. He was also fixed guest on Star Golden Bell, show where he get his name in the variety world
In addition to their individual activities, all three variety idols have provided fans with laughs galore as husbands on MBC We Got Married.
InfiniteDespite being new to the industry rookie group Infinite is slowly climbing up to the ranks of their sunbaes by staring numerous variety shows, “Infinite, You Are My Oppa,” “Infinite Sesame Player,” “Birth of a Family,” and “Ranking King,” just to name a few.
Fourth generation variety idols, practically babies in the industry, are showing strong skills despite being rookies. Hip Hop groups, Block B, and B.A.P are two groups who are making a name for themselves among their ever popular sunbaes appearing in varieties like Match-up for Block B and Ta-Dah it’s B.A.P
Variety idols, though a new concept for entertainment television, are here to stay with its ever growing army of entertainment talent.

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