Review: 1집 – First Love Part 2

1집 - First Love Part 2

Lee Hi releases the second half of her first album, “First Love.”

I am loving “Rose.” Its a huge step away from the cutsey sound that was “It’s Over.” Its sound is similar to “Special” from Part 1 in that both songs have this beautifully eerie sound about them, much like Tablo’s “Fever’s End” album, and I love it.

Score: 1/1

“바보 (Fool for Love)” is a beautiful song, and my favorite from this half of the album. Its very interesting, and well done mix of Gospel, and Pop, and it played to her strengths vocally.

Score: 1/1

A majority of this album is forgettable, and though there are some solid songs, I still stand by my original feelings that this album came too soon. Lee Hi is still very young, and at times I feel this image is too mature, and too heavy for her. She reminded me a lot of Lee Sora who is nearly 30 years older than her. Lee Hi needs a more youthful sound, and image, that isn’t so generic as “It’s Over.” There is plenty of time for her to sing this genre, and style when she is older.

Overall, the album displayed Lee Hi’s vocal talent really well. There is lots of room for improvement, but she is young she has a lot of time to fine her sound.

Other Scores:

Because: .5/1

내가 이상해 (Am I Strange): 0/1 1/1

Final Score: 3.5/5

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