Review: Beautiful Kisses

Beautiful Kisses
It took 2 years, but hallelujah, I’ve finally found a song I can like from G.NA.
“Oops” is less pop sounding than her last few releases, and this sound suits her. Her vocals sound solid, and much less nasal, though it reared its head every now and then. This song reminded me A LOT of NS Yoonji’s “If You Love Me” with Jaebeom, just a cuter approach.
As much as I loved “Oops,” I am conflicted about Ilhoon’s featuring. First off, he had such a large part that this song was more a duet. At first I thought there was too much of him rapping especially since he is being considered a feature, but I wonder how much I would like this song if the Ilhoon’s part was scaled down to just one rap.
Score: 1/1
In terms of the title song, G.NA made big improvements. As for the album as a whole, I was not in love. The song quality wasn’t stellar, and I got bored listening to it. I would have preferred to get a single with just “Oops” and “Mind Sync” as a special feature album.
Other Scores:
같은 생각 (Mind Sync) ft. 허각 (Huh Gak): 1/1
Oh! Good: .5/1
First Kiss: 0/1
밉다 싫다 (Hate It, Can’t Stand It): 0/1

Final Score: 2.5/5

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