Was SHINee’s “Dream Girl” Plagiarized?

SHINee (2)

SHINee has been experiencing success with the promotion of their latest song, “Dream Girls,” but the song writers, Joombas Music Group, are in hot water for allegedly plagiarizing the song from Mexican singer, Luis Miguel’s song, “Vuelve.” Joombas Music Group released a statement:

“To clarify, at Joombas Music Group we write and record songs we think artist on SM will connect with. Shin and other writers at Joombas record the demo in English. In this case, SM loved the song and brought in Korean lyricist to help piece it together for SHINee 🙂 In a nut shell, that’s the process 🙂 We’re based in LA!”

I listen to the song, and I have to admit it sounds super similar, especially at the chorus. I thought that this was just ANOTHER case of SM buying an already written song, but SM hasn’t said they bought the rights. Its shocking that this isn’t a bigger issue, because the song is so obviously similar. What do you think, was SHINee’s “Dream Girl” was plagiarized?


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