Review: 2집- 어느 봄날 (One Spring Day)

 2집- 어느 봄날 (One Spring Day)


2am made their debut with their 2nd album, “어느 봄날 (One Spring Day).”

I actually really liked this song, it reminded me of K.Will’s “Please Don’t” in some ways. The MV, however, was boring, and a little confusing. This song was not the best title song I’ve ever hear from 2am’s, so I’m disappointed.
Score: .75/1
I love 2am, but I think they need to take a step back from the ballads now. They made a strong debut as ballad singers but their last few albums have progressively been getting worse. My theory is that they are each individually growing as artists but as a group their stuck.
We have seen each 2am member promote solo in some way and none have them have done ballads in their solo work because obviously it’s not their genre of choice. I see 2am have so much personality on television but its just not translating to their music, which in my eyes, is signal for some change!
Spring: 0/1
너를 읽어보다 (Reading You): .75/1
위로 (Consolation): .5/1
Sunshine: 0/1
그때 (Back Then): .5/1
그대를 잊고 (Forgetting You): .5/1
내게로 온다 (Coming to Me): 0/1

Final Score: 1.8/5

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