Onew & Jung Ah Dating Rumors Fly!

Onew & Jung Ah

2013 is slowly becoming the year of the relationship! Yet another celeb couple rumor is floating around the Kpop-verse, and its between After School’s new leader 29 year old, Jung Ah, and SHINee’s leader 23 year old Onew. Paparazzi shots of the two going to dinner, and getting in a car together were leaked to the internet, and of course the only logical conclusion is a relationship.

Of course Pledis was quick to deny it:

“The two of them are merely close friends, not dating…As fellow entertainment workers, Jung Ah and Onew have a close relationship where they advise each other. Today, their schedules matched so they were only enjoying a light meal together, and weren’t dating like media agencies have reported.”

There is still not a peeps from SM. I think its weird, because they didn’t hesitate to respond to the middle finger incident, and this is much more of an important issue.

You know, if this is a relationship, I like this pairing. Onew has this sweet innocent image, and it goes well with Jung Ah’s sexy image. They make a good younger man older woman couple, and the age difference isn’t so severe. I hope this is true.

Also, let me say I love that idols are starting to let there relationships go pubic. I love to see the human side of my celebrities, and its so ridiculous to me that they have to keep their love lives secret or non-existent. I am all for Jung-New!

3 thoughts on “Onew & Jung Ah Dating Rumors Fly!

  1. I’d be much happier if agencies would announce when couples are dating. If fans were really fans of these stars, they’d be happy with their choices in relationships.

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