Review: 어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve)

어이없네 (You've got Some Nerve) (19+)

Brave Brothers debuted his hip hop unit group, Absurd made up of B2ST’s Junhyung, EXID’s LE, and Big Star’s Feel Dog with single “어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve).”

I am a sucker for a hip hop collabo, and though I am no fan of Feel Dog (of his group Big Star) I still had pretty high anticipation for this song, and in an almost surprising twist, I was let down. After listening to “어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve)” it becomes obvious that this project group was just a way to bring more attention to Feel Dog, and more importantly Brave Brother’s idol boy band, Big Star, with the help of Junhyung, and LE’s star power.

No doubt most listeners, like myself, came to this song to hear the greatness that is LE, and Junhyung, and I’m sure I was not the only one left unsatisfied. Both LE, and Junhyung are solid rappers, but in no way does “어이없네 (You’ve Got Some Nerve)” tap into their skills. Their parts were much smaller than rookie rapper Feel Dog’s, and even worse they were dull.

Though I can’t deny the songs catchy beat, I can’t love this collabo. Every time I listen I’m left with a feeling of disappointment.

Final Score: 2.5/5

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